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Sabres Media Roundup

March 18, 2008

– This weekend, TWC Sports showed an extended version of Staffy’s Power Play episode. This one touched more on Staffy’s life off the ice. He talked a lot about the music he’s interested in. I admit to never having heard of any of Staffy’s favorite bands. Then again, I listen to mainly Top 40 stuff, which he kind of turned up his nose at. He also admitted that if he has to hear the techno version of 4 Non Blondes “What’s Goin On” one more time, he might dunk a bitch (my phrase, but his idea.) Maybe that’s why Goose hasn’t released a playlist to, he’s got 4 Non Blondes on there, and he doesn’t want to get dunked.

In regards to his personal music, he’s no longer a member of Red Seal Peach (and let us pause here for a moment to remember the dearly departed Fabian video that is no longer on myspace.) and is instead working with Jordan Parise on a “band” called Invisible Children. They hope to put out a CD this summer.

Whitey also talked movies with Staffy. The last movie he saw was Saw 4, which he rented in NYC. I also want to point out how he can watch the Saw movies, but Goose and Yo-Yo freak out over them. He admitted to liking Lindsay Lohan, because she’s Lindsay Lohan. (Oh, Staffy. I expected more from you.) In what I thought was a semi-shocking admittance, he admitted that he likes The Notebook. And he also put forth that any guy that says they don’t like The Notebook is really lying because its a good movie. He didn’t cry at the end, in case anyone was wondering. I think The Notebook admission might cancel out the Li-Lo admission, but just by a smidge.

In team related stuff, a fan asked him who his road roommate was. He’s had four roomies so far this season. To date, he’s roomed with Paille, Roy-Z, Paille again, C-Mac, Gaustad for about a week, and now he’s back to Roy. Staffy has no idea why he’s had the revolving door roomies, except that maybe its because he’s the young guy.

I kind of liked the cable knit toque he had on his head. Then again, knowing hockey players, that hat probably cost more than one of my student loan payments.

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