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This Game $^&#*$! Rocked

March 19, 2008

First period: Sucked.

Second period: Sucked.

In between the second and third, I started working on another blog entry. But at least I can re-purpose it, since it had nothing to do with the game.

Third period: rocked the cazbah. Six unanswered goals by our little Sabres. I would love, love, love to know what was said in the lockerroom during the intermission that made them come out and play with such passion and fire. It was like a completely different team showed up for the final period. I honestly hope the fans booing had something to do with it.

Sejkera and Weber were +5 for the night. The Pommers / Goose / Yo-Yo line was a +4 (and by far the line that spent the most time on the ice.)

A four point night for Captain Pommerdoodle.

A three point night for Yo-Yo, Vanek, Stafford and Roy-Z. I had to come back and update this, since Vanek was given credit for a goal originally credited to Roy-Z. Vanek got the hat trick (second time this season that his hatter has been granted after the game ended).

Hecht got his 20th and 21st goals. I love that Pommerdoodle tried to give him the puck from his goal the other night, and Yo-Yo just looked at him all confused because it was #19.

Roy-Z’s got to wait till Friday to shoot for 30. If Yo-Yo can get 20, Roy-Z can get 30.

Not bad for a game that we probably should have lost based on the first two periods.