Bionic Timmy?

March 27, 2008

This image was the inspiration for today’s entry. As we all know, Timmy went to Vail to have surgery on his hip. Normally, whenever a player has surgery, the next day you hear that they’re resting comfortably / walking around / playing with their tennis balls / visiting a local den of iniquity, etc.

We haven’t heard this about Timmy yet. Surgery was Monday. Today is Thursday. Is Timmy still with us? Are they turning him into Bionic Timmy, and that’s the reason for the lack of an update? When he does return, will his newfound bionic powers allow him to complete a full NHL season without succumbing to multiple injuries?

Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. You have no idea how bad I want the “visiting a den of iniquity” option to be true. the LOL temperature of Tim Connolly being caught in a house of ill-repute is off the charts.

    But seriously, I want to know too: Tim?? are you out there? Bark once if you are in Milwaukee!

  2. True story, where IS Timmy? We’ve all been so distracted by our losing debacle, I don’t think anyone’s really noticed that he’s had his leg removed and reattached to his sternum. That IS what his surgery was for, right?

    Just take your cue from The Who: Timmy can you hear me?

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