March 28, 2008

– Even though I’ve pretty much given up hope for the SS Playoff Chance, it was nice to see that the boys are still fighting. They played a dominant first period, and the Gaustad line had a hell of a shift at the end of the game to tie it up. I heard Goose say on the radio this morning that he was so tired at the end of that shift, his main thought during the celebration was “don’t throw up.”

– I admit that as soon as I heard that the game was going to a shootout / skills competition, my first thought was that the Sabres goose was cooked. (Calm down, Goose, its not you. Go back to your celebratory honking.)  We all know the Sabres have been less than stellar in this even this season – 2-9 before last night’s game – and Miller’s been not so good during them. But they proved me wrong again.

– What was up with the officiating last night? I don’t think Roy should’ve gotten that diving penalty, though as Roby, Ray, Neale, and a popcorn vendor pointed out, Roy does have that reputation around the league. But the refs let multiple scrums go unpenalized, called a too-many men on the ice penalty when the puck accidentally hit a Sabre, and didn’t call the 47 cross checks that Commodore was laying on Goose during the third period.

– Checking in on Sabres Edge this morning, Vogl reported that the “last minute of play in this period” announcement has a sponsor in Ottawa. You’re kidding me, right? Then again, should I really be surprised? Hockey’s an advertising rich environment. But they’re the kind of ads that blend into the background. Its not too in-your-face.

–  Miller was just a fountain of quotes before and after yesterday’s game. While he has set the record for the Sabres for most games played by a goalie, he doesn’t think he’s going to be getting any advice from Marty Brodeur about how to handle it. Its no secret that Miller looks up to Brodeur, but a comment like the following gives me hope that the Crunchster isn’t going to bolt the B-lo next summer.

“If Marty [Brodeur is] around, it’d be fun to pick his brain. But I don’t think he’s going to give too many pointers being an Eastern Conference guy. [I’m] a goalie on a team that’s got young talent and is going to be giving him hassles for a long time.”

Also interesting is that Miller has been named to the league’s competition committee. He will be one of the 10 members weighing in on any potential rule changes. His rationalization for why he got picked is a pretty good one:

I think maybe they picked me because if you look at my gear I’m really not trying to cheat,” said Miller, a thin goalie in an era of oversized equipment. “I analyze a lot and feel like I’m the kind of person who can analyze the situation and talk openly about stuff.

Hmm. I wonder who he could be referring to about the cheating. CoughGiguereCoughLuongocough.

Something tells me that next time I do the Sabres alphabet, A should stand for Analyze. That seems to be his thing.


One comment

  1. WOW! That is the team that I’ve been waiting for all season.

    And it appears that the officiating season has already ended. I guess the figure, oh well, the season is almost over, let’s just let them beat the hell out of each other, hog-tie them, what ever they want to do.

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