Giving New Meaning to “Two Minutes for Hooking”

March 29, 2008

The NY Daily News is reporting that Sean Avery allegedly has been listed in the little black book of an NYC madam busted this week on prostitution charges. He allegedly was a client of the “mid-range” services offered by this den of iniquity, utilizing a $500 / hour service.

I wonder if this is going to be a strike against Avery in terms of the Rangers re-signing him this year?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled hockey discussion.


  1. So on top of everything else, Avery is a cheapskate! 😀

  2. First off, Pookie’s comment owns the internet. A+!

    Second, this has completely cheered me. Bless you for bringing this hilarious story to my attention.

  3. That is totally the highlight of my day.

  4. HA-HA-HA-HA! That is so funny!

  5. Client #10. Sean A$$ery is a wonderful man.

  6. P.S. love the title.

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