What Happened to Andrej?

March 30, 2008

– Sejkera scored a much-needed overtime goal. Weber got away with a trip in the neutral zone to set up Vanek for the pass to Sejkera. That play could’ve backfired horribly. Weber could’ve gotten called for the trip, Vanek could’ve fucked up the pass and Sejkera could have missed the net. But instead,

– Crunchy played a great game. None of that stupid “puck-handling” that he tried in the last game.

– How have I not noticed Roy-Z’s really blue eyes before? During his post-game interview, they were really, really bright.

– It appears that Max had his ass nailed to the bench for much of the game. He only had 7:36 TOI. Only Kaleta played less ice time, and Mair played only :02 more. Remind me again why Max is playing and Mike Ryan is sitting? For all intents and purposes, it sounds like Ryan’s groin is all better and he’s ready to go.

– Why has there been no Timmy update? Its been a week. I’m convinced now that there’s been a bigger problem and they’re keeping their mouth shut about it until after the season.

– I completely love the big red TV set in the new Goose PSA. Its so awesomely cheesy, like something you would see in a cartoon or on the Muppet Show. I wonder how many people have tried to plug in their sets to a tin can for some power?


  1. Maybe Darcy is all “Tim WHO?”

  2. I’ve emailed and emailed and the only info I’ve gotten is that he’s out for the rest of the season (duh!) and that’s it. Well, now we know so much more than we did when he left to have the surgery. I personally don’t really care for him, but I would like to know if his surgery went OK or if he’s in a coma somewhere….

  3. Timmy’s actually been traded to the Avalanche. This “surgery in Colorado” thing was all a clever ruse to throw off Gary Bettman.

  4. I knew something was up!

  5. I’ve noticed there are a lot of hockey players with blue eyes. Since it’s a recessive gene, maybe athleticism became the dominant gene. I have no idea what I’m talking about, (damn me for not paying attention in bio!) but a lot of them do have blue eyes.

    This whole Timmy thing is weird too. Just tell us, “He’s fine, resting comfortably.” That’s all we need.

    Max must go.

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