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Doing It the Hard Way

April 2, 2008

(That’s what she said.)

– Going down 2-0 in the game, then 3-2, then going 6 shooters deep in the shootout. They were bound and determined to win this game the hard way. Do you think the team will reimburse the fans for all the Maalox, Tums and vodka that has been / will be consumed by the fans of Buffalo during this last week?

– Thank heavens for star players L. Goalpost, R. Goalpost and T. Crossbar. They really showed up to play, but were especially solid in OT and the shootout.

– Miller was totally fired after the first two goals, but somewhat redeemed himself after his performance in the shootout.

Why does Crunchy look like he’s pulling on Pratter’s leg, as if to say “scuse me, a little help please.”

– Breaking news, per Darcy Regier, Timmy’s surgery went well. Repeat, Timmy is alive and well, and expected to be healthy for training camp. (That is, provided there’s not some sort of freak off-season accident, like a hang nail.)

– Now that Teppo’s been cleared to play, Lindy has a tough decision to make. Does he not muck with the defensive pairings that have worked so far, or does he muck around and make a spot for Teppo, who hasn’t played in a year? If Teppo does come back, who sits? Lindy made it very clear that he’s not going to sit Weber and Sejkera. Did I mention he made it very clear? These two kids have worked their way into becoming the Sabres solid second defensive pairing, behind Hank and Toni. If I had to sit one of the Paetsch and Pratt combo, I’d really sit Paetsch (Sorry, Patches. No offense.) I really like Pratt’s mean streak and willingness to defend Miller.

– Reason #657 to love Paul Gaustad: during the shootout, he was suggesting that his teammates all link arms for luck. I was waiting for a return of the rally helmet.

– Looks like tonight is another critical night for the Sabres even though they’re not playing. If both the Bruins and Flyers win tonight, the season is over. No spring hockey in Buffalo. Go Devils and Go Pens!