Thanks, That Was Fun

April 3, 2008

Well, tonight marked the end of the Sabres post-season chances. The four percent chance to make the playoffs was not strong enough to overcome the 96% chance that they had to not make the postseason.

Admittedly, Montreal was a bit of a surprise to me this season. They’ve come on strong the second half of the season, and avoided the spectacular collapse that most thought would happen when Huet was traded to the Caps. Who would put their team behind a 20-year-old in net? Now, Gainey looks like a genius. Price is getting hot at just the right time.

It’s going to be a long off-season in Buffalo, both for the fans and for the organization. The fans have gotten spoiled by having the local hockey season extend well into May and June. And while the fans and Bucky may bitch and moan for awhile, this defeat may make the Sabres stronger in the long run. We’ve got a good group of kiddies, and provided Darcy can get our kiddie RFA’s signed and bring in a veteran UFA or two, I think the Sabres will come back rejuvenized.

One thing the team does need is a backup goalie that Lindy has confidence in playing. Crunchy’s exhausted, and Lindy has the choice of playing Crunchy or the human five-hole currently sitting on the bench. That’s not a good choice to make. I can’t help but wonder if the Sabres would be in this boat if Marty was still on the team. Would Lindy have played Miller so much if he had Marty in the wings?

Speaking of Miller, holy ballsy move by Lindy to pull Miller on the power play in the third period. If that would’ve backfired, the fans would’ve been calling for Lindy’s head on a platter (not that they’re not doing that already). But it worked and the Sabres managed to put one in the net to avoid a shutout.

– From the last post, here’s the original Echo commercial

And here’s the Echo gets adopted commercial:



  1. Awww, happy Echo! Do you know if that’s David Duchovny doing the narration?

  2. That is David Duchovny doing the narration. He’s got the perfect voice for it, too.

  3. Holy cow, David Duchovny. That voice was driving me nits with familiarity. I never would have figured it out.

    Sad Echo almost killed me, but Happy Echo really made me happy. 😀

  4. First, you made me want a dog, but I can’t have one right now. (not around enough and going away for a while later this year)

    Second, I’m not sure if that’s David Duchovny or not, but he is going to be in the NEW X-files movie that comes out this summer.

    Oh, and I have high hopes for the Sabres ’08-’09 Cup run.

  5. I can’t wait to get home to see the saga of Echo — thanks for posting it, Amy! 😀

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