Double Your Pleasure

April 12, 2008

– In the Buffalo News this morning, it was reported that NHL on Versus national ratings are up 50% over last year. That should be cause for celebration, right? Well, put your noisemakers and NHL colored bunting away. The ratings went from a paltry 0.2 last year to a “healthy” 0.3. That’s just sad. (In case you were wondering, the Sabres this season averaged an 8.3 on MSG, which is actually higher than last years 5.1 rating. (Though Nielsen does admit that the ratings for the 2006-07 season were reported lower than they should have been, due to a technical glitch.)

I suppose I should be happy that there’s been some ratings growth, but its still not anywhere near the ratings levels that the NHL as a major sport should be at.

– The playoff hockey so far has been pretty good. Last night’s Philly / Washington and Ottawa / Pittsburgh games both had high pucker factor for fans of either team. I really thought the Pens game was going to go to OT, as Ottawa was working their ass off last night. However, Malone’s really sweet wraparound goal prevented that from happening.

– I shouldn’t laugh about it, but the fact that Thoreson for Philly was rolling around on the ice in extreme agony while play continued around him and the Caps scored was probably the most unintentionally funny moment of last nights action. After seeing how failed that shot block opportunity was, and how much pain he was in, it makes me wonder if he was wearing protection in the bit region? I would think that most players would, considering the chance for injury down there is high due to errant pucks and sticks.

– Zanon’s mic’d up during the Nashville game, and he’s absolutely hysterical. Immediately after a Nashville goal, he’s heard whoo-hooing it up as he skates in from the blue line, then screaming “five-hole, five-hole” at Hasek. I really like these mic’d up moments. I wish the NHL would use them more often.


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  1. According to the foxsports website, yes, Thoresen was wearing protection, which saved his um, more delicate parts, thought the cup was dented.

    Also, it would really help if the NHL went with a more widely covered sports channel for broadcasting their games. I do not have versus, though I do have ESPN. (not entirely my choice as it has to do with army supplied living space, but hey, the cable’s free.) Short of that perhaps Versus could attempt to get some decent play-by-play and color guys, though I’ll take whatever hockey I can watch.

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