The New Guy

April 13, 2008

The Buffalo News is reporting that the Sabres have signed U of Denver star Chris Butler to a contract. His response: “I can’t wait to start working out tomorrow.” That is such a great thing to hear, since the off-season for the Sabres has only just started. This kid is jazzed about coming to Buffalo and making an impact as soon as possible. (I’m shocked that someone’s actually excited about coming to Buffalo!)

Speaking of making an impact, I hope Darcy can sign Gerbe to a deal soon. The kid put up a great performance last night against Notre Dame, and finished second in the Hobey Baker voting. He’s going to be a great addition to the roster when he’s ready, but he just needs to be signed to a deal.

In addition, can Soupy just go away already? Bucky reports in his column this morning that Pa Soupy was on CBC just gushing about how wonderful the Sharks are and how super Thornton and Grier and Brown have been in making his son’s adjustment to San Jose easier. I’m thinking that Soupy won’t be in San Jose for next season. Past history has shown that their management is not inclined to the contract terms that Soupy is looking for.

I also would like to know what bordello lost a sofa in creating Don Cherry’s suit coat for last night’s HNiC broadcast. It was just so wrong. Bright red roses on a black background with gold diamond trim do not a classy coat make.

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