Put Down the Crack Pipe, Ottawa

April 15, 2008

First, you hang a picture directly opposite the Pens locker room showing the handshake from last year’s series with them. Then, you come up with this as your playoff open.

I have no words.



  1. I just commented on TWC about this! Thanks so much for posting it, Amy! I really want to know who got wasted and thought this would be a good way to pump up the crowd.

    My sister and I were watching and thinking how funny it would be if he stepped off the carpet and slipped (not that we dislike all things having to do with Ottawa…)

    And I didn’t know about the handshake picture. Way to give the Pens added motivation (not like they seem to be needing any)!

  2. [insert speechlessness here]

  3. Um, wow. I only caught the very end of that last night.

    I love the way the players are looking at the dude as he walks by. Mike Commodore is like “Are you serious right now? I thought Stormy the Pig was bad.”

    Note to Ottawa’s costume designer- please make the helmet stay on the gladiator’s head next time.

  4. What kills me is that the players managed to keep straight faces for that entire shot. I can’t see the Sabres players doing the same thing. Then again, our organization’s not on crack (at the moment) and wouldn’t have such a cockamamie playoff intro.

  5. Um, wow, just wow…

  6. I just… It just… What the..

    I got nothing.

  7. “I can’t see the Sabres players doing the same thing.”

    I can totally picture it now…Ryan would be rolling his eyes muttering “wtf…wtf…” under his breath, Petey would be making faces behind him, Goose would be wondering how that Spartan helmet would look rally-style…and Pommers would try to be a good little Captain and be supportive but would end up finally breaking out in giggles!

    I almost feel embarrassed for the Sens…almost…

  8. I wonder if it is possible to claw out your mind’s eye…..

  9. I could think of a few words….

    “What kills me is that the players managed to keep straight faces for that entire shot.”

    Really, how could they not bust out laughing?

  10. I heard it was bad, but, oh my.

    I think the crowd is only faking the enthusiasm. They’re probably just as stunned as we were.

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