April 16, 2008

Kevin Sylvester is amazing. On his Sabres.com blog, he mentions that Brian Campbell is again shooting off his mouth to the Canadian media. In the Globe and Mail, Campbell said,

“The accountability inside the dressing room. It’s probably the first team I’ve been on where guys will speak up and say something and you take it to heart. It’s a big change that way, probably the biggest thing.”

As K-Syl rightly points out, this season Soupy was a leader in the locker room. He wore the C for one month and an A for two. If he felt he couldn’t speak up and be taken seriously in the locker room, what the hell was he doing wearing a letter? Or is he pissed that he would talk and his teammates wouldn’t listen to him? Admittedly, I’d probably tune out the drama queen that Soupy became in February, too.

We know the team has a room full of guys that will speak up. Its been rumored that Miller has said a few words to the guys (in addition to his public comments throwing the team under the bus), and we know Spacek is the one that yells in the locker room (which admittedly I would not be able to keep a straight face through). We also know that during his captaincy, Spacek had an on-ice pep talk with the team and the team responded. All of the above just leads me to believe that Soupy is pissed that the team tuned him out.

And another thing, Soupy landed in San Jose, which has a decidedly high percentage of leaders and veterans on its roster. Thornton, Marleau, Grier, Rivet and CuBro all come to mind. He can let them do the heavy leadership lifting. Its not like in Buffalo where he was one of the older guys on the team and expected to say and do more.

And why am I talking more about Soupy now that he’s left the team? Oh, right. It’s fun to watch him become a ball of goo under the pressure that’s been put on him as part of the Thornton and Campbell dynamic duo. In my opinion, Soupy’s UFA value drops after every game. Last night, he spent 22 minutes on the ice, was a -1, and had no SOG. Those aren’t exactly $6 million per year numbers.

– And because Cork at Off Camber rocks, he pointed out that the script for the Sens Roman legionnaire speech was imprinted on the shield he was carrying. You can see it towards the end of the video in my last post, when he waves his arms in the air and the inside of the shield faces out. And I thought the cheesiness of that opening couldn’t reach a higher level than it already did. Would anyone have noticed if the guy had gone off script? He just could’ve rambled about victory/duty/honor/vanquishing one’s enemies and no one would have been the wiser.

I still maintain that SpartaCat coming out to fight him might have redeemed that intro just a tiny bit.

– The crappy results of last night’s games was more than made up for by the return of Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. That show just rocks. Its really amazing what Mother Nature throws at these guys and how they keep right on going to hit their crab quotas. I also like how the show has followed the most of the same boats since the first season, so you really get to “know” these guys. And, its narrated by Mike Rowe, who has the perfect narration voice.

The only thing I don’t like is that product placement has started to seep into the show. The crab count board is sponsored by Yellow Book, and the map of the fishing grounds is sponsored by Honda. Its really distracting, and takes me out of the moment. I know that as a media geek I should be all excited about placements like that, but this is one of the times where I hate it.

– Advertising Age has been very thorough in their coverage of the Project Runway move to Lifetime from Bravo. Lawsuits and such aside, the most recent developments are that Nina Garcia was let go as fashion editor at Elle, and the magazine is now scrambling to keep her on the masthead because she’s under contract to Runway. If she leaves Elle, she leaves Runway. Or she stays at Runway, but Elle is no longer involved. Its all up in the air right now.

The other development they mentioned is that there are talks to maybe link Runway up with ANTM in some fashion. Seriously? That would make sense if the rumors that Tyra wants to leave ANTM are true. But if they’re not, I can’t see Tyra and Heidi in the same room. Each wants to be the center of attention, and probably wouldn’t take too kindly to the other one stealing the spotlight.

I just hope that all these changes don’t wreck what is an awesome show.



  1. Thank you for posting this quote, Amy. I found it last night, and I need a place to vent about it.

    Now, I was a pretty big Soupy fan…less for his play and more for his personality (he seemed pretty genuine). I’ll admit to getting emotional when I saw his post-trade interview, and I really tried not to be too harsh on his comments. After all, Miller did say he wasn’t the smartest hockey player…

    Which is why this comment really upsets me. It feels like he’s just some bitter teenage girl gossipping to her new clique about how much better it is than her old one. I feel especially like he threw Miller under the bus with this. Ryan really stuck up for him during the days before and after the trade, and now it seems like Campbell’s questioning Ryan’s ability to lead (which we all know he has).

    However, if what he’s saying is how he really feels, that puts a whole new spin on the vaulted Drury and Briere “intangibles” if they weren’t “taken to heart” either…What do you have to say to that, Bucky?

    All in all, this just seems like the boys weren’t falling over themselves to make him their Captain, and he’s still upset about it. But hey, they all saw the Buckin’ Buffalo video too I’m sure…and it’s hard to take him serioulsy after that.

  2. Wow, I’m speechless. Oh wait, I’m not. I’m pissed.

    WTF is up with that? Is he really that angry at Buffalo? So angry that he’d throw his former teammates – including LaFontaine, Peca, etc, since he goes back that far, under a bus? If I was Pommer, Goose, Miller, etc I would be taking him off my Christmas card list.

    If I was on his current team I might warn him to STFU. This isn’t helping his value in the free agent market either. No one wants a whiner.

  3. I just don’t understand what reason he has for being mad at Buffalo. If he really wanted to stay that badly then he should have just taken the damn 3 year deal and tried to work out something longer later on. But if things were as bad as he wants people to believe they were, then why wouldn’t he have been happy to leave?

    Amanda, you bring up a great point about the other former leaders Campbell’s played under. Man, he really does sound like a whining child now, doesn’t he.

    And I can totally picture Miller, Pommers, and Goose reading this now:
    Miller: Even I don’t want to analyze this anymore, he’s totally lost it.

    Goose: Angry HONK!! Throwing us under the bus is not the foundation of friendship!

    Pommers: Wait guys, if we just put a whole 60 minute effort into figuring out what he was trying…Oh screw it – I’m deleting his number from my phone!

  4. I forgot Soupy was here back in the time of LaFontaine and Peca. It seems like so long ago. And everything I’ve heard about those two guys makes it sound like they’re outstanding leaders.

    And its not like Soupy’s play so far in the playoffs has allowed him to come out and make these comments. He’s been playing borderline average, leaning towards mediocre.

    Katie, I really love the Miller/Pommers/Goose reactions.

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