Red Alert, Red Alert!

April 16, 2008

Ryan Miller has entered the blogosphere. Miller is writing a playoff blog for Maxim.com. He hasn’t seen a lot of the playoffs, since he’s been in Chicago visiting the girlfriend. I’ll allow all of you a moment to deal with the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Moment’s over.

He’s also apparently taking reader questions through his blog. Does he realize what he’s opened himself up to? Has he seen the questions on Pommers blog? Do I even want to know his thoughts on Britney Spears or what his middle name is?

The answer is: YES!

Anyways, I do like what he has to say about the Avery situation.

The NHL weighed in and will now interpret any actions like that as interference. Ya think? It is like when a kid is trying to annoy someone by getting as close as they can without actually touching them…the whole time yelling “I’m not touching you…I’m not touching you!” The best part is that it almost looks like Chris Drury skates over during the play to tell him to get in position. Haha

Oh, Crunchy. That analogy is ALMOST enough for me to forgive you for earlier making the comment that Chicago is your favorite city when the weather gets warm.

Apparently, you haven’t spent enough time in Buffalo in the summer time. Come walk around Elmwood Avenue in the summer, sit on an outdoor patio for a happy hour and people watch. I’m not talking about one of the usual joints where you and the boys go and booze it up, I’m talking about a nice place.

Go walk along the Niagara River through Niawanda Park and stop at Mississippi Mudds for a hot dog. They’re Sahlen’s: grilled fresh to order. Add some french fries or onion rings and some sweet tea, and its a perfect summer lunch. Finish it off with some ice cream from the co-located ice cream stand. The ice cream is made by Perry’s. You might have heard of them.

Hit up the Allentown art festival. Beautiful art and great people watching. What more do you want?

Round up your homies and hit up the Taste of Buffalo. Since you appear to have the metabolism of a hummingbird on crack (thank you someone at IPB for that phrasing), putting on a few pounds after such an event should be the least of your worries.

Or, take your posse and hit up the Erie County Fair. (I refuse to call it America’s Fair. It always will be the Erie County Fair.) Go see the animals, learn how to give a chicken a bath (yes, there actually is a demonstration on how to give a chicken a bath. Its a lot more complicated than you might think), ride the rides, walk through the Agri-Center and listen to the pitches for the Super Shammy and cookware. Spend a couple bucks at the slots. Get a lemon fizz. Its a great way to spend a summer day.

You know Buffalo’s a great city in the winter. Come and give it a chance in the summer. Please, pretty please?



  1. Thanks for finding this, Amy! I must admit, I was going through some Crunchy withdrawl. However, this blog is not as adorkably analytical as I would expect from him (but I guess I should consider the audience, right?).

    I did chuckle when he referred to Soupy as “my boy,” but not in a good way. Rather in an ironic “wow, that love must run deep or else he just hasn’t seen the quote yet” kind of way. I would think that should read “that backstabbing turnover-machine I used to play with, Brian Campbell”

    On a less caustic note, I loved the Mississippi Mudds mention! That is one of my favorite places to spend a summer afternoon, only the best thing to go with that hot dog is their sweet potato fries…they’re the best!

    And even if Miller has left us for the summer, we still have Goose! My friend saw him at Canisius at a concert on Monday night (which I so should have gone to!)…maybe he can pass your list on to Crunchy!

  2. my favorite was “I am currently in Chicago visiting my girlfriend… so haven’t seen a complete game”

    allow me to fill in that elipses:

    “and we’ve been really busy doin’ it”

    I mean, come on, if she lives in Chicago, they probably don’t see each other all that often. And, has no one really commented on his blog? I’m totally all about it.

  3. Katie, I’m so jealous that the entertainment quality at Canisius has improved since I graduated. When I was there, it was difficult enough getting students to show up for events, and now Sabres are showing up! That’s so cool.

    Anne, if the rumors on certain “fan sites” that discuss “off-ice activities” are true, Miller’s sweetie is a college student from here that goes to school there. (I promise myself that I will stop reading those sites, but they’re just too darn funny.)

  4. Amy, the entertainment is pretty good considering how small we are. I still can’t believe my friend didn’t want to go so we just stayed home. I could have gone Goose-watching!!

    Anne, that cracked me up…mainly because I was thinking the same thing!! =)
    Let’s just hope Ryan isn’t too “busy”…we need him well-rested come next season!! There’s no time for unexplained groin-pulls Crunchy!!

  5. Do I even want to know his thoughts on Britney Spears or what his middle name is?

    The answer is: YES!

    I am so tempted to leave a comment asking whether or not he thinks Britney Spears is crazy. So tempted.

  6. I am so tempted to leave a comment asking whether or not he thinks Britney Spears is crazy. So tempted.

    Do it. It would be worth the answer, and probably wouldn’t be the most ridiculous thing that he’s asked. (My vote would go to anyone that asks whether or not his comment about liking Chicago in the summer means he’s going to sign with the Black Hawks after next season.)

  7. I am so tempted to leave a comment asking whether or not he thinks Britney Spears is crazy. So tempted.

    ha, if you don’t do it, i will, lol.

  8. Done! Uh, hopefully he gets the joke (which, come one, is pretty obvious) because I think that would increase our chances of actually getting an answer.

  9. Meg, I hope he gets a good laugh from that question!! I can’t imagine he wouldn’t get the joke…I would think Pommers would have wanted to share that one!


    I’ve already posted a blog about my glee. Hahahahaha.

  11. Anne, I’m so excited he answered your question!

    I’m really thinking of asking him whether he plans to open a branch of the hipster emporium in Buffalo. But I’d have to ask it when I get home from work. His blog is definitely on an NSFW site.

  12. wondering why his nickname is crunchy…never been able to find out. someone please tell me! and i would just love to hate his girlfriend..she is drop dead gorgeous and rich and has ryan for a boyfriend..tough life! lol. but from what i have heard from people that have seen them together they are quite an item. the other site mentioned in these comments that talk about his g/f are just plain senseless.they really bash her.. but very funny reading sometimes just to see how ridiculous some people are! hope all the rumors i just read about him holding out on a contract to go to detroit after this year are just that-rumors! i dont want to watch a sabres game without millsy in net!

  13. Hi Ashley! Ryan’s been referred to as Crunchy by some bloggers because during last year’s playoffs he looked like a dirty, crunchy hippie who should be isolated in the woods making his own yogurt covered raisins and granola. The wonderful people at Interchangeable Parts created the moniker, and it kind of stuck.

  14. Thanks Amy!! I have been wondering that for months! He did get pretty hairy and everything…but underneath still the millsy i know and love! haha

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