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Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya

April 18, 2008

– As of today, Brian Murray has all but handed Ray Emery his hat and coat and told him to get the heck out of Ottawa, as he will most likely be traded or have his contract bought out. I can’t totally blame Emery for the collapse of the Sens this year, but he definitely was a contributing factor. He was expected to be a leader on that team, and instead his on-ice performances stunk and he was involved in a number of off-ice incidents that definitely served as a distraction.

I know the Sabres need a backup goalie, but I really hope the Sabres don’t sign or trade for Emery. There’s really good chemistry in the locker room right now, we don’t need any bad eggs. I realize Emery’s a good goalie and could serve as competition for Crunchy, but I really think Crunchy would sprain an eyebrow at some of Emery’s antics. As we all know, Crunchy fully believes in trying to be the best professional hockey player he can be, and he expects the same from his teammates. Can we say Emery believes in the same theory? And it would be sheer hell for Emery in Buffalo. Remember his famous comments that there’s nothing to do here?

– What was up with the officiating during last night’s games? 18 minutes of penalties during the first period of the Caps/Flyers game, and the total BS call on Hagman leading to a wave off of a Dallas goal in their game against the Ducks? Did the “BS call memo” get distributed to the refs?

– If you were in San Diego last night, would you have sat around for the entire 22-inning game between the Padres and the Rockies? Yea, I didn’t think so. Baseball’s not meant to have a seventh inning stretch, a fourteeth inning stretch and a twenty-first inning stretch.

– If the person who found my blog using “theory of a solid haircut” ever figures out what that theory is, please let me know.