Shark Bait

April 21, 2008

During last night’s Sharks/Flames game, Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey were harping on Brian Campbell, that he needs to step up to the plate and be effective. The gist was that he couldn’t expect a big money contract after completely disappearing during the playoffs (two points in six games, compared with a point-per-game pace during his 20 games with SJ in the regular season). Thornton and Marleau have stepped up for the Sharks (Marleau especially has paid a physical price), while Soupy is the hockey equivalent of the kid in left field that’s making daisy chains during a little league game.

They especially pointed out that Campbell has yet to figure out how to move around a person when bringing the puck up ice. Soupy is so used to having the freedom to wheel and deal that anyone getting in his way causes his mind to short circuit. The example they used involved Soupy bringing the puck up, and just past center ice, Damond Langkow steps into his path. Soupy can’t process whether to go right or left, and instead dumps the puck off the boards and right to a Calgary player. There were a couple other examples that they used to illustrate this, and they were just from last night’s game alone.

In Buffalo we knew that Soupy can turn into a ball of goo from time to time. Please refer to the month of February if you need some examples. Could Soupy be thinking ahead to what is waiting for him on July 1, and its messing with his head? Going out of the playoffs in Round 1 when you’re supposed to be the best UFA defenseman available is not helping his value.



  1. What do you have against what I did during my little-league days? Oh, wait…

    So perhaps the Sharks community will stop fawning over Campbell and realize they ended up with an over rated turn-over expert. I can dream, can’t I?

  2. We knew that Soupy wasn’t what they’ve been claiming he is in San Jose, but never in a million years did I expect this level of post-season incompetence from him. I do think the contract stuff is getting to him- which is probably evidence as to why he is not worth the contract he thinks he deserves. His mental game is weak weak weak. Heh.

  3. I really wonder if the Sharks will re-sign him, or if he’ll be on the open market come July 1. He’ll definitely be signed by someone, there’s no questioning that.I wonder if his lack of produciton this post season, along with commentators obsession over his inability to out play Alex Tanguay is dampening his image in the Sharks’ management’s eyes.

  4. while Soupy is the hockey equivalent of the kid in left field that’s making daisy chains during a little league game.

    For some reason, this image really makes me smile! It’s like he’s the little girl in gym class twirling her red hair while everyone else is playing.

    I thought Soupy would have trouble in the more physical West, but I really didn’t expect him to look so…scared. We all know how bad he can play when he gets screwed up mentally, and I must admit that it is kind of nice to see the San Jose honeymoon ending because it was getting kind of nauseating.

    I can only wonder what this will mean come July 1…Vlasic has been a much stronger d-man for the Sharks, so I wonder just how much $$ they’ll be willing to throw to Soupy.

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