Simple Thoughts

April 22, 2008

– I know some of you have boycotted the Buffalo News because of things their writers have/have not said. I urge you to rescind your boycott for at least this one Jerry Sullivan column. Sullivan completely hits the nail on the head about why playoff hockey in Buffalo is so great, and what we’re missing out on by not having the Sabres in the playoffs. Its a good read, even though most of us are having fun with the current playoff matchups, and are in agreement that missing the playoffs is good for the guys in the long run.

I miss the Sabres flags popping up on cars, like flowers blooming in spring.

I miss playoff beards.

I miss Lindy Ruff talking about his guys needing to play “out of character.”

I miss Ruff talking, period.

I miss Ryan Miller standing at his locker, full of earnest intensity, trying to say all the right things.


– Speaking of earnest Miller, he was named to the league’s competition committee yesterday, along with former teammate Brian Campbell. I really, really hope Miller does say something (or has said something) to the Soupster about Soupy’s comments regarding the Buffalo locker room. If you’re still allegedly tight with those guys, you don’t diss them and how they play the game and step up. Soupy’s trying to have his cake and eat it too.

– After reading this article, is anyone else afraid what will happen if Montreal wins the Cup? Will the city still be standing?



  1. Amy, I’m so glad that you saw Jerry Sullivan’s piece, too. I was reading it at breakfast this morning, and I started tearing up right at the kitchen table. For as much as I dislike the one-sided “journalism” these guys write, they really can be great writers when they want to be. This is the perfect example. He is able to bring back all the emotions of the last two years in such a way that’s sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time.

    I really, really hope Miller does say something (or has said something) to the Soupster about Soupy’s comments regarding the Buffalo locker room.

    I have to think he would have said something already to Soupy. They seem to be pretty close, and I imagine they talk frequently. That kind of comment would not seem to be one that Ryan would take lightly. Let’s hope he gently reminds Soupy that he’s not looking too “accountable” right now…

    And we all used to joke about burning the city down in Buffalo ever won a Cup…I honestly think Montreal will self-destruct if the Habs win it all!

  2. I think after last night’s fiasco, the Montreal police should be ready in the case that the Canadiens actually win the cup this year. At least they know what to expect.

  3. Here is a good post by Mirtle as a follow up on the situation.


  4. That was scary. It’s weird because, it’s not like they’ve never won before. You know, I really fear what we would do if we won, self-destruct the world?

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