Its A Lull

April 23, 2008

So we’re at the awkward point between playoff series. I guess its called a “night off.” Even though the Sabres aren’t playing, I’ve really been enjoying the hockey so far. I probably would have enjoyed it more if the Caps and the Flames would have won last night, but its playoff hockey; its not always supposed to go the way I want it too.

Lets take a look at the remaining playoff matchups.

Montreal v. Philly.

I’m really rooting for the Canadiens in this series. They pulled off a triumphant victory against the Bruins, but its not going to be any easier against the Flyers. Those sneaky little devils will sneak up on you. And I really do want to see Carey Price do well. The kid had the starting job thrust upon him at the trade deadline, and he’s handled it well so far (minor gaffe in the Boston series aside.)

Prediction: Montreal in six.

Pittsburgh v. New York

I’m rooting for the Pens here. Not only are they a better hockey team, but they’ve got oodles more personality. Even Sid in all his robotic glory is more entertaining that Captain-I-Won-The-Little-League-World-Series Chris Drury.

I’m really hoping that there’s some trash talking going on about Sean Avery’s summer plans to intern at Vogue. If I were his teammates, I’d be worried that he was making his summer plans while they’re still playing hockey!

Prediction: Pens in five.

Colorado v. Detroit

In a battle of two teams I still don’t know a lot about, I’m picking Detroit. If Colorado wins the series, we’ll all be forced to hear about the resurrection of Peter Forsberg’s career and how it helped the Avs. I really don’t want to hear about it.

Prediction: Detroit in six.

Dallas v. San Jose

In another round of “The Battle of the Former Sabres,” I’m rooting for the Stars. I like Stu Barnes and the Stars way more that I like Soupy, CuBro and the Sharks. The Stars seem to have a lot more personality, the Sharks just seem crochety.

Prediction: Stars in seven.

And there are my completely unscientific picks for Round 2. Tune in at the end of this round and see how I did.

One comment

  1. Booo! I love Stu Barnes too, but Curtis Brown is the man! I like Grier too, even though he left the Sabres to go to SJ for basically the same amount of money, that was…wierd.

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