And The Winner Is…

April 24, 2008

The Buffalo News is reporting that Jason Pominville has been nominated for the Lady Byng trophy. The award is given to the player who best exemplifies gentlemanly play (an oxymoron in hockey, perhaps.) The News also reports that Pommers has slowly earned the respect of the players around the league for his playing style, as well as for his willingness to step in front of the media and answer the tough questions.

And, he’s also assisted in the creation of the Pommerdoodle Quote Generator [Patent Pending]. To use the quote generator, just combine any of the following phrases

We need to give 110%

We need to get the bounces to go our way


Its all on us in the room, each of us just needs to dig deep

We’re not giving up


Its a tough road ahead, but we’re going to straighten up and fly right


The team is good. We have a core group of guys


We just need to play the system


In addition, getting nominated for an award is just another thing we can put on the list of things that Pominville and Gaustad have done together this year. So far, they’ve bet the remote control on the results of a football game and both gotten named to Team USA for the World Championships. And that’s just the stuff we know about.

Congrats to Pommers!

-Today’s Mediapost e-newsletter mentioned that the NHL has renewed its deal with NBC for another year, and also re-upped on the flex scheduling options. And, it looks like ratings have increased (households 11%, M18-49 33%). I know that ratings can be interpreted 37 different ways to Sunday, but at least the ratings are increasing.


  1. Congrats to Pommer. He’s hands down my favorite player and totally deserves it. I really should stop reading the Sabres Edge blog. The BN posted about Pommer and all the people who made comments did was bitch about Sabres management. Did I miss something here? Was the post about Sabres management? I kinda went off in my own comment…………..

  2. No one I can think of is more deserving of this award than Pommers since this is pretty much the “Nice Guy of the Year while Still Being Awesome at Hockey” award. Congrats Pommerdoodle, and I can’t wait to see him all dressed up at the NHL awards.

    Did anyone catch his interview on WGR tonight? He has now added another quote to the Pommerdoodle Quote Generator: “I just try to represent my team well.” I swear he must have said it half a dozen times – it was too cute!! Them again, I think he could just keep repeating “The sky is blue” and I would think it’s the cutest thing ever!

    And that’s just the stuff we know about.

    I can only imagine all the mischief those two have probably gotten into together…

  3. Oh how I wish Pommerdoodle would just go ahead and toss in a few “kittens” and “rainbows” into his speech patterns. I mean, we all know he’s thinking about kittens and rainbows. He might as well just say what he means! 😀

  4. Sparkles! :^::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    That random Shark player is like, “Yeah? What about my fish, eh?”

  5. Pommers is all about puppy dogs and ice cream.

    Nice work on the Pommerdoodle Quote Generator Amy, I like it!

  6. Pommer is a nice, happy guy. It’s good to see that the wealth and fame haven’t gone to his head.

    I can’t wait to see him dressed up either – he looks mighty fine in a suit (as most of them do).

  7. Amy,

    The Pommerdoodle Quote generator is missing one key phrase…

    “I like Bacon”

    I’m hoping this is a key error that will addressed during the final stages of testing.

  8. Chaz, I completely forgot about “I like bacon.” That will have to be included. Along with some French phrases for the Quebec media. Though I don’t know any French, so that might be a little difficult.

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