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Pizza! Pizza!

April 25, 2008

This description from Miller’s playoff blog is cracking me up:

The game was about to start and I had to have a Little Caesar’s pizza and a beer. Been a while since I was a spectator at Joe Louis Arena so I decided to do it right. After I stood through the national anthem with an entire pizza in my hand the game was underway.

So I guess he really is trying to put the weight back on. Pizza and beer will definitely do it. However, someone should tell him that its usually easier to eat before the game starts, that way you’re not trying to juggle food and cheer at the same time. I wonder if anyone in the Detroit crowd recognized the Crunchster? Or did he go incognito? Also, the image of him giving his 19-month-old godson head butts is just too adorable!

And calm down Buffalo fans, just because he went to a game last night at Joe Louis Arena to support a friend who plays for the Avs does not mean that he’s going to sign with Detroit or Colorado when his contract is up.

-I’m really amused by Marc-Andre Fleury entering Mellon Arena in a nice grey suit and a backwards Pirates baseball cap.

– I’m in a goofy mood right now, so please enjoy the following: