It’s Spring, Sir!

April 26, 2008

Although Spring officially arrived in March, it really hasn’t felt like Spring until this week. The weather has been in the high 60s / low 70s, the windows have been dropped at tiny SOTC manor, and the fresh spring breezes are wafting through the house. (Well, except for right now. Its a little chilly.)

I ventured in the back with my camera today to take photos of some of the flowers coming back to life after their winter slumbers.

Here’s my little rosebush.

Pay no attention to the empty pot next to the rosebush. I haven’t yet decided what flowers I’m going to put in it yet. You can also see the edge of the wishing well on the right. That is also empty, as I can’t decide whether to put flowers or some herbs in it. I’m so happy that the rosebush is coming back. In three years, this is the first rosebush that I had survive the winter. I do need to put some more dirt in the pot, but that’s a minor thing.

These are the cabbage plants. No, they don’t grow cabbage, but that’s just what we’re calling them.The pot looks a little worse for the wear, but the plants are on their third spring and appear to be doing well.

This little hyacinth popping out amongst the irises was one of my favorite finds of the morning.

To be shortly followed by a tulip in the same batch of irises.

And out front, the Asiatic lillies are coming in. These were barely poking through the ground earlier this week.

When these flowers are in bloom, they’re the brightest shades of orange and yellow. If we’re lucky, we’ll get two or three blooms out of these plants before fall comes.

I haven’t started any of the flower planting yet. Its still a little cold yet, and the garden centers scare me a bit. Its just the sheer volume of plants and the crush of people on a weekend morning can be a touch overwhelming. I do want to get another morning glory, since it was so pretty the last time we had one. It was definitely worth the pain in the ass of unwinding it and getting it off the wrought iron porch railings in the fall.

I’ll post some more photos once I’ve done my flower planting.


  1. I can’t wait to see the flowers in bloom, Amy! Especially the famous rose bush! Lilies are by far my favorite flowers, so I’m really jealous of the Asiatic ones you’re growing.

  2. The rose bush looks great! It’s like, “Screw you, Buffalo winter! I can take whatever you throw at me!” I can’t wait to see everything in bloom!

    (Oh, and I totally agree that garden centers are overwhelming. We went to one last week to buy some flower pots and a few bags of leaf compost, and I accidentally wandered into the section with all the plants for sale. I nearly passed out from overstimulation. It was way more than I could handle!)

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