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Weekend Wrap-Up

April 28, 2008

– In this morning’s Buffalo News, Pominville reports that Gaustad is recovering from successful sports hernia surgery performed last week in Montreal. (Question: why are all of these sports hernia doctors in different countries? Goose had to go to Montreal to get his fixed and Sergei Zubov went to Germany to get his operated on. Why do we not have any groin specialists in the States?) Recovery time is 2-3 months, so Goose will be back in time for training camp. I love that Pommers is reporting on Goose’s condition and not Goose himself or the team.

And, did anyone else notice how quickly this was reported and taken care of? It’s not like Tim Connolly’s situation, where it took a couple of weeks to report that he was even alive after his surgery. At least we know Goose is alive and honking.

– Also in this morning’s News, it sounds like the Buffalo boys are having quite the happy-fun time at their training camp for Worlds. During an exhibition rout of Sweden, Kane had a goal and an assist, Gerbe scored a goal, Pommers played point on the power play and had an assist, and Staffy was on the top penalty kill unit.

– And the award for best playoff beard so far is going to Brian Campbell. Compared to the pithy efforts put forth from Sid and Danny Briere, Soupy’s beard is something to behold. Now that I’ve praised him, I’m not feeling as bad about rooting for the Stars. Good grief, a Buffalo fan rooting for a Dallas team. Do I have to turn in my Buffalo residency paperwork?

– Can someone please refresh Versus’ talking points? We all know by now that Soupy and JoeTho are bestest-buddies and lifelong pals, that the Kostitsyns in Montreal are brothers, and that Marty and Danny didn’t sign with Montreal last off-season and are now getting booed for it. There’s 5 other teams still playing in the playoffs. Surely there are other stories or random factoids that can be shared.

– I really, really like this picture of Marty Turco

There’s something about the gold of the pads and catching equipment that just pops out against the white and black of the Stars unis.

– And if the Rangers lose this round, we know Jagr has a future in interpretive dance: