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How I Spent My Off Day

May 30, 2008

By the Detroit Red Wings.

We went to a resort community south of Pittsburgh. Some of the guys went and played golf, as the course at this resort is super-neat. Others took the chance to have a massage and then play some soccer. Some of the Swedish guys on the team went for something called a Swedish massage, but out of fear for our bodies, we stayed away.

We really want to thank Coach Babcock for letting us have this super fun time!


By Sidney Crosby.

I slept.

The end.



Well Then

May 29, 2008

– Glad to see the Penguins finally win a game. I admit that the game didn’t start off with energy and enthusiasm, but the second and third periods more than made up for the first. I think at one point during the third period, Edzo mentioned that there was over a five minute stretch without any whistles. That’s what fans like to see during the Cup Finals, energetic hockey, lots of chances at both ends, and tons of hits.

– There was a tie for Most Unintentionally Funny Moment of last night’s game. Our winners are: Mark Messier chowing down on his nachos quite happily and Alexander Ovechkin completely rocking an Uncle Jesse from Full House look. I only hope that the rest of Ovie’s just-announced clothing line does not pay as much homage to Full House. We don’t need anyone to bring back the Michelle Tanner jumpsuit or the Aunt Becky oversized, button down men’s shirt.

– We’ve all seen the NHL’s new commercial that reminds us all of a Stanley Cup flip book. There’s also a print component to this campaign. The ad features past notable Stanley Cup winning players photoshopped into the traditional photo that each team takes on the night they win Stanley. Players included in the photo include the Niedermayers, Mario, the Great One, Bobby Orr, Marty Brodeur, Lanny MacDonald, Dave Andreychukm Mark Messier and other assorted characters. What’s also really nice is that the players are the focal point of the ad. The network logos have been relegated to a lockup area at the bottom. Next time you’re out at your local book or magazine retailer, pick up the new Sports Illustrated (the one with Josh Hamilton on the cover) and turn to page 51. The ad is there in all its glory.

– Moving on, Ryan Miller gets a cookie for using in his blog the idiom “let me pump some tires” as a way of giving kudos to someone. I can see him busting out with the tire pumpage phrase in the locker room, and some poor soul taking him literally and looking around for an air compressor thinking he’s going to save 75 cents on getting his tires filled.

In addition, he’s even analyzing the analysis of his little pre-game routines in his blog.

The funny part is, for all my routines I look insane and the purpose of routines is to eliminate overthinking. It’s what may be keeping me sane.’

Oy. Maybe he just needs to take the advice of Dr. Sidney Friedman and just pull down his pants and slide on the ice.

That means go with the flow, for those of you that haven’t seen MASH in a while.

– Why did I never get to do fun and creative stuff like this when I was in school? So not fair.


Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

May 28, 2008

– I really hope that when Nashville signs Dan Ellis to a new deal, it includes some assistance with finding a new apartment. Living in the crease must be awfully limiting.

– I wonder if the sniper that seems to haunt Chris Osgood at the Joe is going to follow him to Pittsburgh for the next two games against the Pens. Osgood seems to hit the deck awfully fast for such incidental contact. Then again, maybe Hasek has taught Osgood a trick or two about flailing and flopping around like a dying trout.

– Maybe the Pens will do something wild and crazy tonight and score a goal. Goals are the foundation of WINNING hockey games, you know.

-That forum that rhymes with has a daily rumors update. For those of you placing bets on the “what team is going to screw themselves with Soupy’s contract” game, the latest rumor is Chicago with $8 million per. Head has met desk on that one. Of course the next paragraph says that Soupy is having “cordial” talks with SJ about remaining on the west coast, and that he likes Doug Wilson. Though I can understand wanting to sign with a team because you like management – they’re the ones that are going to give you the deal, after all – wouldn’t you wait and see who they named as coach before committing? You can be given all the money in the world to play for a team, and like management, but if the coach – the one you interact with on a daily basis – is a jackass, wouldn’t that factor into the decision? Either way, Soupy Contract Watch ’08 has been a source of some great entertainment.


So, So Wrong

May 25, 2008

Thanks to Sabres Edge for pointing out Whack A Penguin. I’ve just spent way too much time playing this game. Its completely addicting in a stupid sort of way. I can still play Whack a Penguin and root for the team, right?


Toe Pick!

May 23, 2008

The Cutting Edge is one of my favorite movies. Yes, it totally is cheesetastic, but its quotability more than makes up for the cheese factor. While the ending to the movie provided some closure, it did leave things relatively open ended, in case some idiot in Hollywood wanted to do a sequel.

Well, two years ago, the folks at ABC Family decided to produce The Cutting Edge 2. Like most sequels, it lacked the spunk and sass of the original. What really irked me was that the sequel contained the exact same plot as the original: rich, spoiled girl finds skating partner in ruffian hockey player. Only the hockey player didn’t play the game on ice, he was a roller hockey phenom. And the rich spoiled girl – played by Christy Carlson Romano, aka that annoying girl that tortured Hilary Duff’s character in Cadet Kelly – was the daughter of Kate and Doug Dorsey, the main characters in the original version. However, neither Moira Kelly or DB Sweeney showed up in the sequel, which is wrong on so many different levels. I guess the sequel did really well in the ratings, so TPTB at ABC Family decided to make The Cutting Edge 3. Because there’s no hockey on, and I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided to do a live blog of this movie. Heaven help me.

All times are what my laptop clock says as I am writing this entry.

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I Love Marty

May 22, 2008

While perusing a message board that rhymes with BlabresBlans dot com, I found this article about Danny maybe selling Philly to Soupy.

San Jose’s Brian Campbell will be the best free agent out there on July 1. Flyers center Danny Briere is close to Campbell and may be asked to act as a recruiter, in the same way goalie Marty Biron recruited Briere last summer.

“I will definitely ask him, if it comes to that, and give him info just like Marty did for me,” Briere said. “As far as speed and rushing the puck up the ice, he is one of the best in the league. There’s no doubt about that. You look at where the league is going, you see more and more defensemen like him, guys who can move the puck and skate well.”

Campbell and Biron are not close friends. Biron didn’t think Campbell took the game seriously when they were teammates in Buffalo.

“Brian is a single guy and likes to have fun,” Briere said. “But I think he takes the game seriously. To get to where you are, you need to be. I don’t think it’s an issue.”

I know Marty wasn’t directly quoted, but his thoughts do have a lot of weight, since he spent so many years in the B-lo with Soupy. This comment does tie a lot of things from the local rumor mill together. Briere’s comments sound a lot like damage control, in my lowly opinion.


Hockey Doldrums

May 21, 2008

Only three more days till playoff hockey! I’m going on the record as rooting for the Pens in this series (though if they do win, I’ll be one of the first people to get tired of the hype from Sid’s first win). The Pens seem so much warmer and fuzzier than the Red Wings. Maybe its that they also remind me a bit of the Sabres: a team of good, young guys, with a grizzled veteran or two to keep things interesting. And the Pens also have a better mascot. Iceburgh trumps an inflatable octupus anyday.

Oh yea, the Red Wings have Hasek. That’s an automatic fail in my book.

– Oy, the sexism running through this article is making my head hurt. But, on the bright side, at least he didn’t invoke the dreaded “p” word for female hockey fans. That’s progress, I guess.

– I really like that the Bills took their rookies on a tour of the Buffalo area. I guess they’re trying to show these guys that there’s more to Buffalo than Applebees and Dave & Busters.


Things To Do

May 20, 2008

– This article is about two weeks old, but I still think its semi-relevant, due to the playoff lull we’re finding ourselves in again. No hockey until Saturday. What is this nonsense?

But I am setting goals for myself during this lull. I want to clean out my TiFaux. I want to diarize the crapfest that was “The Cutting Edge 3.” I want to prep myself for Sunday’s massive racing action: the Indy 500 and the Coke 600. I might knit. Or read a book. The world is my oyster…until some hockey news piques my interest and I’m sucked in again.


My Favorites

May 17, 2008

Heather B. at Top Shelf recently traced her journey though her Sabres fandom, issuing to others the following challenge:

How about you guys? Who’s your favorite now? Whose jersey do you don at game time? Who’s your all-time favorite? Who was your first favorite? Do your favorites have similarities? Or are you all over the map? Can you articulate why your guy is your guy or is it just a gut feeling that can’t be explained?

My favorite Sabre right now is Paul Gaustad. I really admire his work ethic and style of play. He was a 7th round draft pick for the Sabres that probably had no business making the NHL at all. But, while the lockout screwed the fans, Goose probably benefited from it. He got to spend time developing in Rochester, working with the Amerks coaching staff and even the Sabres coaching staff. He also rehabbed like a madman after his ankle injury during the 06-07 season, coming back in time for the end of the Rangers series, when it was thought that he would be lost until the start of the 07-08 season. And if this article is any indication, it sounds like Goose spent most of last summer rehabbing and working on getting stronger. If we look at this past season, all the work did pay off for him, as statistically, he had his best season since cracking the NHL. And how can you not like a guy whose weight training regimen doesn’t focus on creating “beach looks,” but instead focuses on performance? But bench pressing 300 pounds is pretty hard core, though.

And you have to love Gaustad’s community involvement. Whether its having flour fights with the kiddies at Camp Good Days, working to save the planet or spending time chilling out with the guys on WGR, you get this feeling that he really likes this town.

At game time, I wear a Drew Stafford jersey. I had wanted a Gaustad one, but unfortunately, one could not be found in the size that I needed. Stafford brings an interesting mix of snot-nosed punk and flashy player to the team. Hopefully, this past season was just a sophomore slump for young Stafford. We saw more wimpy nerd than snot nosed punk from him, and I didn’t like it.

His was not the first jersey that I had. My high school graduation present was a Michael Peca jersey. And Peca was only with the Sabres for one more season after that, so that jersey has been relegated to the “worn on cold nights around the house” pile. I’m worried about whether my Stafford jersey will soon be out of date, as his name keeps popping up in some of the trade rumors out there.

I’m having a hard time with who my all-time favorite Sabre is. I’m leaning towards declaring it a tie between Lindy Ruff and Marty Biron. Lindy’s spent over twenty years with the Buffalo organization. He’s been head coach for ten years and was captain for three during his playing days. He wouldn’t devote so much time to an organization if he didn’t love both it and the town it was located in. His interviews are always a joy to listen to, irregardless of whether you have Happy Lindy or Bitchy Lindy shows up to talk with the media.

Now onto Marty. How can you not love Marty? He came to Buffalo as an 18-year-old kid and left as a 30-year-old man. He could’ve made life a living hell for the team after losing playing time to Ryan Miller, but he manned up and made his corner of the bench the French Canadian Back-Up Goaltender Comedy Zone (TM SAS Wiki). You never knew whether you would catch Marty rambling away at a teammate or opposing player, doing the Wave, or chewing on his towel like it was a chew toy. And he has a rule in the NHL rule book named after him. The Biron rule says that players can only wear numbers 1-98. (Marty wore #00 in his first couple years with the organization. Note that the NHL could regulate player numbers, but not whether a player was in the crease or not.) I was sad to see him leave Buffalo, since it meant the Sabres were without a solid and dependable backup goalie. But, I really wish him the best as a Flyer; he deserves it.

Michael Peca was the first player I clearly remember naming my favorite. If I may be shallow for a moment, I started liking him because he was hot. Then, once I moved past the hotness, he was a pretty decent player. I liked his willingness to make or take a big hit when needed, his ability to play sound defense and the fact that he had his own foodstuff (Peca’s Pickles, anyone?). My love for Peca started to go downhill when he held out for more money, and completely evaporated when he made the comment that a $3 million / year deal from the Sabres was an insult, since he needed to feed his family.

As a fan, I’m relatively easily won over by players. Show up every game, do your job, don’t hold out on stupid contract offers, don’t play like a pansy, own up to your mistakes in the media and don’t be an asshole to the fans. Do all of those things (or at least most of them consistently), and you’ll stay in my good graces.


The Best Anything Ever

May 15, 2008

This video of Fantasia singing on last night’s American Idol is worth it just for the look on Simon Cowell’s face after she’s done “singing.”

Best TV anything ever last night.