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May 1, 2008

– I completely adore Ryan Miller’s blog.Completely adore it. Sure, unlike the rest of the blogs in the free world, I can’t read it at work because its on an NSFW site, but its well worth it to wait until I get home to read it. This latest entry is pure gold. He’s completely snarky about the Rangers (a “devastating” loss) and even more snarky about the role of goalie equipment in the game.

…goalie equipment!!! (key scary orchestra music and lighting – camera zooms in quickly on petrified faces of hockey fans – hold for dramatic effect) It should sound so much more ominous than just ”Goalie equipment.” I think it needs a tough or scary name since it is always the villain in the story.

Dude, what a great image. The movie-making imagery reminds me a lot of something the character of Mark in RENT would say. (If you haven’t seen RENT, go rent the movie or borrow the soundtrack from your local library. Its simply a fantastic musical.) Is Crunchy a RENThead? Never woulda thunk it.

But back to the point of Crunchy’s entry today. Goalie equipment does need to be reigned in. I think we’re all in agreement about that. But at the same time, if we’re looking at goalie equipment, shouldn’t we also be looking at the sticks used by the forwards and the defensemen? The ever-changing stick market (wood to composite) has increased the speed of shots and in essence made it necessary for the goalies to bulk up with larger equipment. If you’re asking the goalies to compromise on equipment directly related to their safety, then isn’t it fair to take a look at sticks used by the skaters?

– I also caught a bit of Crunchy’s interview on NHL Live yesterday. As all interviews with Sabres do, it touched on his contract situation. I did like how he pointed out that he does not plan to negotiate through the media, planning to keep things between himself, his agent and Sabres management. And that’s how it should be. The Sabres fanbase is rabid enough without having every single intricate detail of a contract leaked to the press.

Miller – like Goose did earlier this year – also pointed out that a situation has to be right for a player. Ultimately, a player is looking out for himself. A team can offer the awesomest contract ever, but if the player feels the situation isn’t right for him, then he’s free to go elsewhere. I think a lot of this argument could be applied to the Drury situation last year. Sure, getting jerked around by the organization probably did leave a bad taste in his mouth negotiating-wise. But if he’s always wanted to play for the Rangers, and the Rangers come a-callin, he’s going to sign with the Rangers. Add into the fact that Drury never seemed fully comfortable in Buffalo, and his decision to leave makes a lot more sense. (Regarding his comfort level with Buffalo, I refer you to his comments earlier this season about how in NYC he can go to the corner store for milk and not be bothered about what’s going on with the power play.) Yes, Buffalo sports fans are passionate, and yes some of us can be a little overzealous, but most players adapt to it. Some even go as far as to settle here when their careers are out. Drury never seemed like the guy who embraced the town and its rabid fans. Miller seems like that guy. He’s done a hell of a lot for this community, with the Steadfast Foundation, goes out and about in the community and goes out of his way to say that Buffalo has treated him well. I just hope that whatever happens with his contract, people remember that.

WGR550 has up a nice interview with Drew Stafford. He sounds slightly sleepy (or stoned) in the interview, but I think this interview was done at 730ish in the morning, so he’s allowed. The cubicle rat in me is muttering that 730 is not early, since at that time I was sitting in my car in the Timmy Hos drive thru line, waiting for my iced coffee

He’s disappointed about not being in playoffs, but playing in the World Championships to makes up for it a little bit. The way the season ended left a bad taste in his mouth. There was more misery this season because of losing, but losing taught lots of lessons. The younger guys all got experience with losing on a professional level.

Team USA been a lot of fun, he’s played with a lot of the guys before, and friends with the lot of them. Approximate mentions of the word “fun” in this portion of the interview: 37. Sadly, there were no stories about any of the wacky hijinks going on at camp. I guess we have to rely on Burish’s Team USA blog to keep us updated.

Stafford’s interview wasn’t the best I’ve heard on WGR, but I’m blaming that on the “early” hour.

Mommy, I want one.