Its Total Crackpot Day Again

May 2, 2008

– My first thought on seeing this photo on the front page of the Buffalo News Sports section? He’s not dead, he’s resting.

– Yahoo’s hockey blog is just a treasure trove of material. Today they included Margee’s absolutely fabulous look at the different styles of playoff beards. Like most of Margee’s posts, you might not want to have liquids or food around when reading. You don’t want to do damage to yourself or your computer from laughing hysterically.

– I’m sure that NBC is doing back handsprings now that the Pens/Rags series is not a sweep. If that series, and the Wings/Avs had both been sweeps, NBC would have been faced with no weekend hockey games. (The Philly/Montreal game could not have been moved from Saturday night, due to contractual obligations with HNiC. And you really don’t want to piss off the Canadians by moving something out of HNiC.) Since the Pens lost on Thursday, they now play on Sunday afternoon. No hockey at all on NBC this weekend would not have been a good thing, especially since the league has been trumpeting ratings increases and the fact that they re-signed with the network. It would have been a total momentum killer.

– Am I the last person to know that Elisha Cuthburt is allegedly schtupping Dion Phaneuf? From Avery to Phaneuf with a Komisarek in between? That’s progress.

– And in some non-hockey related news, I find it absolutely hysterical that Canisius’ Springfest Quad Party is causing such a ruckus this year. Channel 2 News is reporting that the Buffalo SWAT Team and cops from Amherst and Lancaster have been called in to manage the throngs of unruly students.

For those of you not familiar with Quad Party, it is a celebration of the last day of classes in the Spring Semester. Students usually start drinking when they wake up in the morning, pass out, or boot and rally only to start drinking again. The college tries to counteract the all-day drinking by having non-alcoholic fun and frolic at the KAC, but people drink irregardless of the fun and frolic. You ever see drunk people go on a carnival ride or try to do sumo wrestling? Take about unintentional comedy! This approach is a big change from Quad Party of the 90s, where it actually took place in the Quad (novel concept for something called “Quad Party,” right?) and the college served alcohol to those of age.

When I was a student at Chez Griff, I remember that Glendale was shut down one year by throngs of partying students. There was ruckus, yes, but no more ruckus than on a typical Saturday night in the Canisius neighborhood.

In addition, anyone who’s ever had experience with Canisius Public Safety knows that they will not hesitate to step in and keep law and order. (I have memories of them chasing two runaway freshmen during Orientation, since they were heading to We Never Proof to go buy beer.) I have to wonder why this year’s Quad Party suddenly requires the presence of the Buffalo SWAT Team and cops from Amherst and Lancaster? Is it because Hizzoner the Mayor lives around the corner from the college, making it a public safety concern? Is Hizzoner causing some problems for the college, as it was their security cameras that proved that Hizzoner’s darling son was lying about taking the family SUV on a joyride and crashing into two cars? I find it hard to believe that this year’s group of students is any wilder and crazier than previous years. And what’s absolutely ironic about the whole thing is that most of the Jesuits on staff can probably drink most of the student body under the table.


  1. As a current Canisius student, I couldn’t believe my eyes today.

    I walked on campus at about 9:00 to see some people hanging out on porches already (a change from last year’s beer pong tourneys by 8:30). Even though I don’t really “partake” in the whole wasted all day thing, I like to watch everyone else have themselves a good time – it kind of brings us all together at CC.

    Then when I walked outside again at 10, it was like a documentary of a war zone. I was greeted by the sight of dozens of police cars on every side street, a “portable jail” bus (as public safety had deemed it), hundreds of officers, and the kicker…SWAT team members in full gear. Seriously, I could picture it, “Put down the red cup and no one gets hurt” like a crazy hostage situation or something.

    I just had to laugh at the sheer absurdity of the situation. I was waiting for the mayor to come down Main St. in a tank to make the scene complete.

  2. I kind of pictured the Mayor as Raz the Destroyer, riding a horse and pointing a sword at anyone with a silo cup…

  3. The image of Byron Brown brandishing a sword on horseback will now stay with me forever in the best possible way. As will the thought of his son stealing it and running it into parked cars – making for one very angry horse.

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