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May 5, 2008

The awesome dando at Off Camber forwarded me this link from the Columbus Dispatch. The writers at the Dispatch are looking at the different NHL teams, and this weekend was their turn to rip apart Buffalo.

Things they got right:

1. Management is to blame for a lot of the nonsense that happened in the past year.

2. The Sabres need help on the blue line.

3. Thiebault’s status is up in the air, and Miller’s contract is the new source of speculation around town.

4. Lindy’s a good coach.

Things that aggravated the heck out of me:

Rather than sign defenseman Brian Campbell at a reasonable rate last summer or early this season, the Sabres waited and waited. When the price went up – well, yeah – they backed out and traded him to San Jose.

Ugh. Darcy realized that when there wasn’t going to be a deal made with Campbell at the deadline, he pulled the trigger on a trade. Better to have Soupy leave town and get something in return (a first-round draft pick and Steve Bernier) rather than have Soupy leave town in July and get nothing. Its not that Darcy didn’t think that Soupy wasn’t a good fit for the organization, its that they weren’t willing to pay the price Soupy was commanding.

If all of these players re-sign, the Sabres will be paying in excess of $30 million for a B-minus cast of forwards.

Wow. That’s a little harsh. Pommers has really blossomed this year. Hecht has been one of the most consistent players on the team for the past two seasons. Roy-Z has grown up and matured from little snot nosed diver into a reasonably mature player. Timmy, when he’s not injured, averages a point-per-game. Mair adds grit and determination.

Looking at the RFA forwards, Goose adds heart and soul. Paille came out of nowhere this season to become a 20-goal scorer. Bernier has the potential to develop into a solid player now that he’s under the gentle guiding hand of Lindy Ruff.

These guys definitely are not a B-minus cast. I also disagree with the assertion that these are not a dynamic group of forwards without Drury and Briere. Apparently, this writer has not seen much Buffalo hockey. When all the forwards are clicking, they are one of the most entertaining forward groups in the league.

It’s a decent group of puck-movers, but when Spacek is your most accomplished defenseman, you’ve got issues. No offense, Jaro.

Dude. That’s harsh. Expect to hear from Tallinder’s and Lydman’s representatives shortly.

many believe Miller will sign with the Red Wings when his deal is up after 2008-09.

When the main reason for Miller signing with the Red Wings is that he’s from Michigan, you know you’re reaching.

Sigh. This article was definitely as aggravating to read as Bucky’s bj of the Phlyers.


  1. I think a lot of what you read was just a lack of knowledge on the team because of the one game they got to see this year. Being in the Western Conference, I can understand that but they could have shown that they did a little research.

  2. Posted a comment after the article. I couldn’t resist.

  3. What really frustrates me about that “B- minus cast” comment is how statistically wrong that is. Those “B-minus” boys led the NHL in scoring at one point late in the season, and they finished near the front of the pack in that category at the season’s end.

    When the main reason for Miller signing with the Red Wings is that he’s from Michigan, you know you’re reaching.

    I don’t know how much more I can take these Red Wings comments when Ryan himself pretty much shot down that speculation on locker cleaning day. Thanks Chris Drury for making everyone believe that good players will ultimately leave us to play for their hometown teams.

  4. Again, Bravo Amanda! I totally agree with your comment and thank you for putting my thoughts in words. The comment I was thinking was: “This is a load of horse shit!” Not quite as eloquent as your comment, huh?

  5. I HATE HATE HATE when people who don’t really know a team try to rip them apart or verbally felate them (I love that expression) based solely on their reading of the overall stats about a team between 2 seasons. Give me a break let’s base our entire perception of the Buffalo Sabres on 1 or 2 games. If they only happened to catch the 10-1 win over the Thrashers, they’d be the greatest offensive team of all time. However, to say they’re an A+ cast of forwards is just as inaccurate as saying they’re a B- cast. I’d give them an A-/B+ depending on who feels like being clutch. haha.

    I will never in my whole life forgive Pierre McGuire for saying what he said about Miller being a Red Wing. I remember watching it live as those words oozed out of his mouth and it was an instant red alert: Here we go! Now we won’t hear the end of this.

    Next season will be better, there won’t be as much “WHAT WILL THEY DO WITHOUT BRIERE AND DRURY?!?!?!” It’ll be purely “HOW LONG UNTIL RYAN MILLER IS A RED WING?!?!?!” I really hope Millsey totally fucks with the media too. “I like Larry Quinn”? Ha!

  6. Thanks Jen, that’s why I write for a living. 😛

    I really wonder about journalistic integrity sometimes. I know that newspapers have tight deadlines, but this type of story doesn’t. Didn’t someone go through this article and ask the writer what he based his assertions on? Doesn’t he have an editor?

  7. Amanda, if the writer is writing an opinion column, he can get away with saying a lot. Look at how much stuff Bucky shoots out of his keyboard on a weekly basis that has the vast majority of us saying “what the hell?!”

  8. True dat.

    So when are we starting the “Fire Bucky” campaign?

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