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Hooray for Pominville!

May 6, 2008

– Hooray for Pominville scoring the game tying goal in today’s game against Canada. I wasn’t able to watch the game, but I have to wonder how the crowd received him in the US sweater, especially since he was playing against the motherland. I’m sure his scoring of such a critical goal didn’t help matters any.

– More proof that the WC’s are half-hockey, half Camp Morningwood. (I love the name Anne, so I’m borrowing it.)

I really hope that if this was an impromptu game, that the teams weren’t divided by age again. Otherwise, Pommers will get a complex at being lumped in with the old guys.

– During the Sabres announcement of their signing of Nathan Gerbe, Gerbe revealed that his time at Camp Morningwood with Stafford and Pominville convinced him to sign with Buffalo instead of returning to BC. (Somewhere out there, the good Jesuits from BC are putting a hex on this team, but I digress.) Pommers even had lunch with him and talked up the city and the team. I really liked hearing that. It shows that Pommers is a true leader in this organization. Pommers with the permanent “C” for next season anyone?