May 8, 2008

Two unsubstantial posts in one day. That’s some kind of record around here.

– I’m not sure how I feel about the person who asked Crunchy on his blog about his eyebrow: unnatural arch he was born with or puck to the noggin? On the one hand, its a completely awesome question and the questioner has quite the set of bits to ask that question, but on the other hand, its kind of a rude question to ask in a public forum.

– I really love this Marty tidbit from Bucky’s column in today’s paper:

One lasting memory from the Eastern Conference finals two years ago, aside from a medical room full of Sabres’ defenseman, was Biron doing “The Wave” with Carolina fans from his Zamboni entrance perch in the RBC Center. That’s when he wasn’t performing the dance number that accompanied the song, “YMCA.”

Why is it we’re hearing about this two years after the fact? Or maybe we did hear about it but we were so distracted by the defensive injuries that we completely missed it.



  1. [!] I loved that article too. I looked back at who wrote it and I’m thinking, Bucky Gleason? Oh, Ok then.

  2. I never heard about Biron doing any of that. But seriously, that is the greatest thing I have ever heard. Man, I miss Marty.

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