When You Think of Buffalo

May 14, 2008

What do you think of? Snow. Chicken Wings. Sports futility. A “Buffalo accent” (flat a, random apostrophes, putting “the” before your highway names – the 290 – as God rightly intended). Governmental ineptitude. All those and more come to mind.

Bucci’s latest column is a stream of consciousness look at what he thinks when he hears the names of each NHL team. Its really a pretty good read (and for Bucci that means mildly entertaining and inoffensive. Well, at least until the “Letters to Bucci” portion of the column.) And of course, Bucci does have to mention Drury when he thinks of the Sabres.

Reading his list inspired me to create my own. So, I present my take on “Buffalo Sabres

The Aud. A great old arena where you were smushed next to the people sitting next to you. Thought you were going to die or get vertigo from sitting in the oranges. The loud sound of the goal horn. The “Niedermayer: Dead” sign hanging off one of the luxury boxes. A great old building now put in ruins and destined to be torn down for a Bass Pro.

Let’s Go Buff-a-lo. That chant, when sung by 18,690 people can make the arena sound louder than a heavy metal concert. After a much needed win, it echoes through the corridors and spills out into the parking lots, as people honk honk honkhonkhonk their way out of downtown Buffalo.

Ooh, ah, Sabres on the warpath. An older cheer, but really cool when its pulled out of storage by fans.

        – Doug Allen. Arguably one of the best anthem singers in the league.

          – Lindy Ruff. He played for the Sabres for 10 years and has coached them for 10 more. He’s been here through ups and downs, brawls, heartbreak and has the respect and love of the players and fans.

            – Dominik Hasek. Gumby the Goalie helped resuscitate hockey in Buffalo and introduced the “trick groin” to this town. Also memorable for his “Walden Dodge” commercial and his pronunciation of said dealership’s name.

              – Rick Jeanneret. Simply the best. After watching most of the playoffs on Versus, I do miss the soothing tones of RJ. When does next season start?

                – Darcy Regier. Niles Crane’s twin brother has kept the Sabres afloat. He’s taken a lot of crap this past season, but has kept his chin up and his cards close to the vest. We know that most of the rumors about the Sabres are crap, because Darcy doesn’t let you know things are happening until they happen.

                  – No goal. Do I really need to elaborate on this?

                    – Pat LaFontaine. A great hockey player and human being. Too bad his career was cut short by injuries.

                      There’s more, but I need to stop now, or else I’ll get no work done today.


                      1. Yay LaFontaine! He definitely needs to be mentioned in any and all “Good things about Buffalo” articles.

                      2. The French Connection – One of the best lines in the history of the Sabres and the NHL

                        The Knox’s – Without them there would be no Sabres

                        Ted Darling – The original voice of the Sabres

                      3. I like your list much better, Amy!

                        Nothing to me says “Buffalo Sabres” more than Lindy, RJ, LaFontaine, and the joyous honking of “Let’s Go Buffalo” after a big win.

                        For me, another thing would be “Better Days” – that song will always remind me of the connection between this city and this team.

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