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Hockey Doldrums

May 21, 2008

Only three more days till playoff hockey! I’m going on the record as rooting for the Pens in this series (though if they do win, I’ll be one of the first people to get tired of the hype from Sid’s first win). The Pens seem so much warmer and fuzzier than the Red Wings. Maybe its that they also remind me a bit of the Sabres: a team of good, young guys, with a grizzled veteran or two to keep things interesting. And the Pens also have a better mascot. Iceburgh trumps an inflatable octupus anyday.

Oh yea, the Red Wings have Hasek. That’s an automatic fail in my book.

– Oy, the sexism running through this article is making my head hurt. But, on the bright side, at least he didn’t invoke the dreaded “p” word for female hockey fans. That’s progress, I guess.

– I really like that the Bills took their rookies on a tour of the Buffalo area. I guess they’re trying to show these guys that there’s more to Buffalo than Applebees and Dave & Busters.