Well Then

May 29, 2008

– Glad to see the Penguins finally win a game. I admit that the game didn’t start off with energy and enthusiasm, but the second and third periods more than made up for the first. I think at one point during the third period, Edzo mentioned that there was over a five minute stretch without any whistles. That’s what fans like to see during the Cup Finals, energetic hockey, lots of chances at both ends, and tons of hits.

– There was a tie for Most Unintentionally Funny Moment of last night’s game. Our winners are: Mark Messier chowing down on his nachos quite happily and Alexander Ovechkin completely rocking an Uncle Jesse from Full House look. I only hope that the rest of Ovie’s just-announced clothing line does not pay as much homage to Full House. We don’t need anyone to bring back the Michelle Tanner jumpsuit or the Aunt Becky oversized, button down men’s shirt.

– We’ve all seen the NHL’s new commercial that reminds us all of a Stanley Cup flip book. There’s also a print component to this campaign. The ad features past notable Stanley Cup winning players photoshopped into the traditional photo that each team takes on the night they win Stanley. Players included in the photo include the Niedermayers, Mario, the Great One, Bobby Orr, Marty Brodeur, Lanny MacDonald, Dave Andreychukm Mark Messier and other assorted characters. What’s also really nice is that the players are the focal point of the ad. The network logos have been relegated to a lockup area at the bottom. Next time you’re out at your local book or magazine retailer, pick up the new Sports Illustrated (the one with Josh Hamilton on the cover) and turn to page 51. The ad is there in all its glory.

– Moving on, Ryan Miller gets a cookie for using in his blog the idiom “let me pump some tires” as a way of giving kudos to someone. I can see him busting out with the tire pumpage phrase in the locker room, and some poor soul taking him literally and looking around for an air compressor thinking he’s going to save 75 cents on getting his tires filled.

In addition, he’s even analyzing the analysis of his little pre-game routines in his blog.

The funny part is, for all my routines I look insane and the purpose of routines is to eliminate overthinking. It’s what may be keeping me sane.’

Oy. Maybe he just needs to take the advice of Dr. Sidney Friedman and just pull down his pants and slide on the ice.

That means go with the flow, for those of you that haven’t seen MASH in a while.

– Why did I never get to do fun and creative stuff like this when I was in school? So not fair.


  1. I’d love to see MIller just pull down his pants and slide on the ice. I would actually pay good money to see that and I don’t even think he’s hot.

  2. Aunt Becky managed to look hot in just about anything. Ovie…I’m not so sure…

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