Please Don’t Stop the Music

June 5, 2008

Earlier today, it was announced that CBC would not be renewing the licensing agreement for the iconic Hockey Night in Canada theme song. The “ba dum ba dum” song has introduced HNiC since 1968. The theme music not only pre-dates me, but also pre-dates the Sabres. The fan outcry on both sides of the border has been overwhelming, as message boards and blogs are all atwitter with the announcement. However, earlier tonight, CBC announced that “negotiations were still ongoing.” However, a close reading of the article doesn’t give people a lot of hope that a deal will be reached to continue using the music. Everyone just sounds so bitter.

Hopefully people on both sides of the deal will realize that they’re making fools of themselves over the whole situation.

I really don’t want to have a theme song done by BNL or Avril Lavigne (artists represented by the agency charged with coming up with a new theme). While I have nothing against BNL or Avril Lavigne, they don’t scream hockey to me. Great Big Sea…now that screams hockey.

Edited to add: Crunchy posted his last blog entry on Maxim.com today. He made a comment that blogging was fun after reading so many of them. Sweet merciful fuck (scuse the language), what if he stumbled across my blog? He’s going to think that the Buffalo blogosphere thinks he’s a crunchy nutjob. That said, I do not think he is a Crunchy nutjob. I think he’s a very good guy who gives back to the community that’s given so much to him.



  1. If Crunchy isn’t reading SOTC, he’s a MORON! And no worries on the “crunchy nutjob” front — you’ve got safety in numbers with that one. There are enough of us writing about him that way that he’s probably spent his offseason so far reading all our blogs and being like, “Wow. I guess I really am a crunchy nutjob!”

  2. He made a comment that blogging was fun after reading so many of them

    MAN! My only thought on this is if Ryan somwhow found mine, I wonder if he’s currently trying to get Mike Ryan relocated into witness protection.


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