Reasons I Love Hockey – #2

June 11, 2008

This is the second post in a continuing series about why I love the game of hockey.

Reason #2 – The Five on Three

No, a five-on-three isn’t something that happens in a Letters to Penthouse column. Instead, its one of the most beautiful and most frustrating times in hockey. If its your team with the two-man advantage, you’re mentally adding a goal to the scoreboard in your team’s column. (Fans of the Buffalo Sabres excepted. The team was abysmal on five-on-threes this season.) If its your team with the manpower disadvantage, you’re praying to the hockey gods that your team emerges unscathed.

If the team with five skaters runs an excellent power play, the penalty killing team can be on the ice for what seems like an eternity, as they cannot get the puck out of the zone. Its interesting watching the defensive team collapse around the net as the offensive players sink lower and lower towards the crease. The goalie is just praying he can get a clear look at any pucks that come his way.

The players in the penalty box are just praying that their team doesn’t get scored on, as they will be the goats in the media and on the internet.

Its a tense time for all involved, but its one of the things that makes hockey so enjoyable.

– And in non-hockey related news, the lilies in my front yard have bloomed. Yay!

Photo taken from my front porch looking down. These plants are about three feet tall and still growing.



  1. 5-on-3s are SO AWESOME. I love how, as the time winds down on them, the team with the man advantage gets increasingly desperate, their fans start freaking out a bit more, because NOTHING is more of a momentum crusher than NOT scoring with a two-man advantage. (As Sabres fans well know…)

    And the lilies are BREATHTAKING! They’re just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the picture of them!

  2. 5-on-3s were one of the very first things I really fell for in hockey. They’re just so sexy!

    And the lilies are stunning!

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