Requiescat in pace

June 13, 2008

Tim Russert – one of the biggest, if not the biggest – supporter of Buffalo sports, has passed away at the age of 58. I liked watching Russert on NBC News just because he made politics so accessible. With his dry erase board and wit, he explained the often complicated and wacky side of politics. I’m watching the NBC News right now, and Tom Brokaw recounted a story how Russert had already done the math to show how the electoral college could end up tied at 269 in this upcoming presidential election.

One of my favorite Russert moments occured during the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs. Russert closed out the show with the Cup next to him on set. He proudly showed off a Sabres jersey with “Russert / 06” on the back. He closed out the clip by saying that the next time Stanley appeared on the show, it would be escorted by members of the Buffalo Sabres, as they celebrated their Cup win.

Its sad that Russert will not be around to see that happen.

Requiescat in pace. Unless you feel like having an argument with Jimmy Griffin. Then go forth and enjoy.


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