Pointless Post For The Pretty

June 15, 2008

– While perusing Sabresfans.com, I found this thread detailing Goose’s appearance at the Camp Good Days gala. Goose in a suit is rivaling Pommers in a suit for sheer yumminess. Please visit the thread to see these pictures and read about the event.

– While you’re still coming down off the pretty high, head over and read Bucky’s end of the season column. Its not too bad (no 5/$25 mentions and the dead Briere/Drury horse doesn’t get a mention), until we get to this point:

The Winter Classic. There’s no telling how many new hockey fans jumped aboard after watching the outdoor spectacle at The Ralph. I’m not into gimmicks and had my doubts going into the event. That changed after watching fans get bundled up to celebrate the game they played as kids. The stadium looked like a giant snow globe. And the fact that Crosby scored the winner in a shootout made the event that much better.

I find it hard to believe that Bucky isn’t into gimmicks [/sarcasm].

I also find it hard to believe that he thinks Sid winning the game in a shootout is a better ending than if the Sabres had won the game.


One comment

  1. Yeah, but there was a management slam later in the article.

    Sabres GM Darcy Regier’s name also has been tossed around in the revolving Toronto rumor mill. He has another year remaining on his contract. Given his close relationship with Lindy Ruff, Regier isn’t likely to go anywhere unless he grows tired of watching other teams sign free agents and decides to become one himself.

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