Darn, Darn, Double Darn

June 17, 2008

As some of you know, I will be in the wilds of Michigan this weekend. Well, not so much the wilds as the town of Frankenmuth. Since I will be in the area, a trip to a certain clothing store owned by a certain Sabres goalie is on the agenda for the weekend. Yes, there will be a writeup of that experience. But I haven’t figured out whether my hotel has free internet access yet, so it might not be posted until I’m back home Monday.

But I digress.

Katie at Muckers and Grinders has a link posted to an interview that Gaustad did with 97 Rock. After listening to the interview, it is clear that there will be no sightings of said Sabres goalie during my trip to the clothing store. Do you know why? He’s going to Europe with Goose! The two of them are heading over to London, Rome and Prague.

Private to Miller and Gaustad: when in Rome, make a side trip to the Vatican. A holy blessing or two couldn’t hurt your play for the upcoming year. Bring along an extra sweater. I’m sure the Pope would love to have a Benedict XVI Sabres jersey.

When in Prague, our intrepid travelers going to hook up with Spacek, who’s going to show them around. Why does the thought of Spacek playing tour guide give me the giggles for some reason?

On the negative side, I’ll miss a chance to potentially see Miller in his fashionista glory. On the plus side, at least I won’t have to worry about Miller overhearing me mutter “you want me to pay WHAT for THAT?” Or my mother muttering something about how certain corners of the blogosphere refer to him as Crunchy (followed by me melting into a puddle of goo on the floor.)

Oh, well. It will still be a fun trip anyway.



  1. Have fun in Michigan, Amy! Can’t wait to hear about Ryan’s pet project!

    I really hope we get to hear more about the adventures of Goose and Ryan this summer. It’s like their own personal Eurotrip – but hopefully much more PG-rated.

    Why does the thought of Spacek playing tour guide give me the giggles for some reason?

    Because just the idea of Spacek talking for any extended period of time always has me in stitches. I got the biggest smile when I heard that Jaro would be playing tour guide!

  2. Have fun on your trip and at the store… can’t wait to hear about it!

    How I wish I could go to Europe with them. And I’m hoping they can really understand Spacho, otherwise I have a feeling that he’s not that great of a tour guide.

  3. When Jaro retires from hockey he should start a tour guide business for americans going to Prague. I would never leave. I’d just follow him around asking him questions and hoping he’d give me long winded answers.

  4. I love Jaro. I can just see him: “See building, ‘dat store.”

  5. I’ll be in Prague starting next week! Too bad I can’t get the Jaro guided tour.

    Maybe if I keep an eye out I could just follow them around inconspicuously for hilarious Spacek sound bites…. 😉

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