Why Google Is Our Friend

June 18, 2008

Or: “how to utilize a search engine to troll the internet for post topics.”

– Google allows us to come across articles like this, announcing that Zach Parise, Jordan Parise and Drew Stafford assisted JP Parise with a development camp to choose the new members of the Des Moines Buccaneers (thats a USHL junior team. Google told me that, too.) The two younger Parises and Stafford were each responsible for coaching their own team of 22 players, while the elder Parise made notes for team selection.

Zach Parise was predicting that there would be a ton of side bets between the three old friends. Is anyone else really curious about who came out on top amongst these three player/coaches? I also wonder if this gave Stafford a new appreciation for what Lindy does behind the bench? I’ve mentioned before – and so has the media – that Lindy and Stafford butted heads a couple of times during the season. Now that Stafford’s put on the coach’s whistle, hopefully he gets why Lindy does what he does.

– I’m guessing that whomever designed Ryan Miller’s new website needs to get a firmer grasp of the idea of search engine optimization. Its not good when the Ryan Miller puckbunny board ranks higher in a Google search than the official Ryan Miller website. Private to the web designer: visit Heather at Top Shelf. She cranked herself to page one of the Google listings with an absolutely awesome Henrik Tallinder post.

– I really did like the article posted on Sabres.com about the draft prospect interview process. It does sound like the Sabres do put a lot of stock in the interview. Maybe this is where they discover so many of the “intangibles” that we hear about. I did like hearing about how Mike Weber gave a fantastic interview, and how a Swedish prospect flitted around the room like a hummingbird on crack before eating all the candy in the interview room. Oh, those wacky kids.


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