Campy Goodness

June 26, 2008

Through next Tuesday, Sabres youngins will be participating in prospect camp (Camp Junior Morningwood) at Dwyer Arena on the Niagara University campus. Judging from some of the comments made in the media by the prospects, this is a hard core camp.

Tim Kennedy reports on Sabres.com that some days they’re even starting sessions at 6 or 7am. I realize that these guys are (reasonably) grown adults, but I would love, love, love if Lindy and JP were responsible for waking these guys up in the morning. They would completely be my new heroes if they woke up the littlest Sabres the same way the Canisius ’01 and ’02 Orientation Staffs used to wake up their darling freshmen charges. (That would be a wiffle ball bat / lacrosse stick to the door, and loud music blaring in the hallways. It was great fun. Heh heh heh.)

Why do I find it really amusing that Sabretooth is attending Camp Junior Morningwood?

I guess this just shows you that even mascots need some reinforcement of their techniques.

– I’m really glad that the Sabres extended qualifying offers to all of their RFAs. Although this is just a formality, its just one step closer to getting C-Mac, Paille and Goose under contract. I personally expect Goose to be the hardest negotiation, since he is the RFA with the most experience and really stepped up to the plate this past season. But on the other hand, I do remember the story of his last negotiation, where he called his agent on a Friday to get the deal done, and he was signed by Monday.

– Also, I’ve been reading a very interesting thread on Sabresfans.com, regarding Darcy Tucker’s agent’s appearance on WGR this morning. While Tucker has been bought out by the Leafs, he would prefer not to move his family far from the GTA. His agent admitted that Tucker has considered Buffalo as a destination (whether Buffalo has considered Tucker, is of course, another story). What’s interesting to note is that Tucker and Gaustad share an agent. The agent noted that it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for Gaustad to call Tucker and discuss the organization. Veeeery interesting. I wonder if this will develop into anything?

– And for all of the Sabres PR gaffes, at least they haven’t thrown any former players as far under the bus as the Florida Panthers did to Olli Jokinen. What they did was way harsh.


One comment

  1. Man, way to treat your best player, Florida. I bet free agents will be knocking down the door to sign there.

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