The Calm Before the Storm

June 30, 2008

Edited to add the bottom paragraph.

Noon tomorrow marks the beginning of one of the wackiest days in hockey: UFA Day! Its a chance for fans to break their F5 buttons, wondering if their team is going to sign a big name free agent or let some big names walk out the door. The Sabres could be players in the UFA sweepstakes, as they need a defenseman and a backup goalie. There’s some interesting rumors out there, including but not limited to:

– Soupy signing with Nashville for $41 mil over 8 years. Yeah, that’s pretty f’ing ridiculous. I really think that Soupy is going to be the winner of this year’s “Most Overpaid Player” award. He can pick up the tiara and sash on his way to wherever he signs.

– Max and Stafford being traded to Florida for Bouwmeister. Ok, so this one might not be so farfetched. Max has been rumored to be on his way out, and Stafford has been mentioned in a few places as trade bait.

Irregardless of what happens, sit back, have a nice beverage and a snack, and watch the ensuing insanity.

– On a happier note, the Sabres announced today that they have started contract talks with Ryan Miller. Yippee! Maybe this announcement will put those “Miller to Detroit” rumors to bed for awhile. And at least Darcy started talking to Miller before he disappeared to take part in the annual month long “Ryan’s Birthday Celebration.”

– I really want a peanut butter cookie right now. When I was in Michigan, I had some awesome peanut butter cookies from this one German bakery. I’ve tried to find a decent cookie here, but am having little luck. I’ve tried Timmy Ho’s peanut butter cookies, and was turned off by the actual peanuts in them. Blech. My next stop may be actually making my own cookies, heaven help us all.

WHOOO! The Sabres have signed Goose to a 4-year contract. I feel relieved, as I was afraid my dear little Goose would have been sent an offer sheet by Podunk Tech and would have left the Buffalo behind. I’m now decorating the place in Goose colored bunting, and am making sure to put the Crunchy colored bunting on order.



  1. Peanut butter cookies should never have actual peanuts in them. That’s terrible.


  2. Agreed on the peantus front!

    Amy, I cannot reccommend highly enough this peanut butter cookie recipe:


    They are SUPER easy to make and are OUTRAGEOUSLY good!

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