Did You Get the Memo?

July 15, 2008

– According to this release on Sabres.com, 97% of Sabres season ticket holders have decided to renew their tickets for next season. Apparently, these people have not gotten the memo that the Sabres are going to do horribly this year. They didn’t make a big splash in the free agent market, haven’t re-signed Ryan Miller and Jason Pominville, and didn’t sign Brian Campbell to the awesomest 5/25 deal ever. (That…was sarcasm. Let me make that perfectly clear.)

– Meanwhile, which of you, my loyal readers, found my blog through the following terms:

– “Ray Emery tied to the crossbar.” While that’s something that I’m sure a lot of Buffalo fans want to happen, if only to fire pucks repeatedly at the guy, I cannot advocate that on this blog. Sorry!

– “Derek Roy stoned munchies funny.” Whoever used this one, do share your story.

– “Boob hoodie.” My money is on an IPB Irregular using this term. Otherwise, I refuse to acknowledge the fact that someone is actively looking for boob hoodies!

– “When can you start washing Staffies?” Well, first you have to wait for the Staffy to find his rubber ducky, then make sure he has his fun Cookie-Monster hooded towel. Make sure the water is at a reasonably comfortable temperature and there’s plenty of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on hand. Then, you may start to wash your Staffy.

– On a completely unrelated note, I just saw Rick Springfield on “General Hospital” and now I have “Jessie’s Girl” running through my head. I guess its better than Christopher Cross’ “Think of Laura.”

– Edited to add this completely random note: Ingo Rademacher (who plays Jax on General Hospital), named his newborn son Peanut Kai. Seriously, people. Peanut is not a name. Its a legume! I think I need to go lie down now.



  1. OMG I can’t not believe people found your blog by searching that combination of words. Oh, wait, actually I can…

  2. Peanut is also a “name” that will no doubt lead to an awful lot of teasing. Poor kid. Why would you give a kid a name that started with “Pea”?

  3. Hee! I think I know who found you searching “boob hoodie”! Someone emailed us the other day asking for clarification of the term, because no amount of google searching could turn up a definition for him. I love that he found SOTC while trying to find out what it means!

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