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Schedule Day! Schedule Day!

July 17, 2008

On a 87 degree day, what better thing to talk about than the Sabres 2008-09 schedule?

– By my count, the Sabres have 15 back-to-back games. 8 of those involve both a home and away game. Private to Lindy: one of the games in a back-to-back would be good times to play Lalime. Just saying, another season of riding Miller like Seabiscuit won’t do anyone any good.

– Even though the reduction of the divisional games is a good thing, its going to be weird not having a home-at-home with anyone this year.

– The team looks like they’re going to spend the vast majority of January and February on the road. 16 out of the 26 games scheduled for these two months are far from the friendly confines of HSBC Arena. The team’s longest road trip runs during this span. Buffalo will visit the Panthers, Lightning, Oilers, Flames, Coyotes and Ducks. There is a five day lull between the Tampa and Edmonton games, so maybe the children will return home for some clean skivvies and some new games for their PSPs?

– Who’s bright idea was the afternoon game on Columbus Day? October is smack dab in the middle of my super busy time at work. I can’t devote the attention to listening to a game that I would in the middle of January (as has happened the past couple of years). Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’ll probably need the stress relief that the hockey game will provide (its only the second game of the season, so we can’t be too doom-and-gloom at that point, right?)

– The league also scheduled games on New Year’s Day evening. It will be nice to be able to watch the Expletive Deleted Ice Bowl II: Electric Bugaloo in the afternoon, and then cue up a Sabres game at night. Though I do wish that the Sabres would have a home game on New Year’s Eve. Tux and Pucks is always a great night. You don’t often get to see people trying to eat nachos in formal wear. And besides, the last New Year’s Eve game I went to featured a marriage proposal on Kiss cam.

– I’m bummed that the Sabres will be on the road for my birthday. I usually get hockey tickets as a birthday present for the game closest to my birthday. However, I have come up with the backup plans of games that I would like to see. (NJ, Ottawa and Philly, in case you were wondering.)

– Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday, Ryan Miller. Hopefully you’re off celebrating in a nice responsible fashion, or getting shitfaced, or just having a really good time. When your birthday extravaganza is over and the liquor has worn off, can we please discuss that pesky little thing called a contract extension? You’d make a lot of people come crawling back off the ledge if you signed that extension. It might also be a giant FU to Bucky, that you wouldn’t be one of the rats deserting the alleged sinking ship called the SS Buffalo Sabres.

– Speaking of the Buckster, run, not walk to Kevin’s post on Bfloblog discussing the logical reasons for a 97% season ticket renewal level. Its a good look at what makes Buffalo tick and is a subtle poke back at Bucky and Jerry and the rest of the MSM bashers.