Five More Years! Five More Years!

July 18, 2008

Yea, there’s really not much to say about Ryan Miller’s contract extension except:


2. Suck it, Bucky.

3. Does this mean he reads SOTC, since I totally requested a contract extension in yesterday’s post?

4. The signing shows that Miller is committed to the team and the Buffalo area.

5. The guys that are all signing the long-term deals are all the guys that were brought up together and spent significant time in Rha-Cha-Cha. Miller, Goose, Roy, Vanek, Paille, C-Mac. Something has to be clicking in the room for these guys to stick around. And even if there wasn’t, as the almighty Goose said repeatedly in intereviews, we (the media and fans) don’t know the half of what’s going on.

More later when I can form coherent thoughts.


  1. This is TOTALLY a shout-out, Amy! 😀 Crunchy must have read your entry yesterday and decided that sounded like a great idea!

  2. […] For month or two news has been pretty slow regarding the Buffalo Sabres. Ryan Miller re-signed with the Sabres, Jason Pominville has not. Buffalo traded for Craig Rivet, conversely, they did not sign Brooks […]

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