Just a Few Links

July 20, 2008

– This has to be the nicest picture of Thomas Vanek that I have ever seen, and his new wife looks gorgeous. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Shut. Up. Danica. Patrick. This is the second time in two months that you stomped off and confronted another driver for some slight (real or perceived). Your pout, argue and stomp schtick is getting old. Really old. The Indy Racing League doesn’t revolve around you, contrary to popular opinion. You’re not winning yourself any fans, and the few fans you have left are starting to see you as nothing more than a petulant child. Grow up already. (Just try to confront Paul Tracy next week at Edmonton, sweetheart. PT owns the chrome horn, and also hasn’t been afraid to dunk a bitch. He’ll squash you like a bug.)

– If you already haven’t been there, visit hulu.com. The site contains clips and episodes from certain TV shows and movies for free and with limited commercial interruption.  Its completely addicting and a great way to catch up on shows you haven’t seen, episodes you missed or find a new favorite show.



  1. That picture of Thomas and Ashley is *beautiful.* Too bad we don’t get to see little Blake in his matching suit and tie. I’m sure he was every bit as gorgeous as his parents.

  2. That picture of Mr. and Mrs. Vanek is too adorable. I agree with Heather I would’ve loved a shot of little Blake in his tux, but I can understand why they might have chosen not to show him.

    Danica Patrick has always irritated me. I don’t follow racing at all, but you can’t live in this country and not hear about her and all her shenanigans. Gross.

  3. Wow, Thomas sure cleans up nicely! I absolutely love his wife’s hair, and I can only imagine how cute little Blake looked. They look so happy that it’s adorable.

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