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Racecar Spelled Backwards is Racecar

July 25, 2008

The Edmonton Oilers are sponsoring a car at this weekend’s Edmonton Indy race. The new Oilers owner – and owner of the Rexall drugstore chain – generously made a donation to Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camps in order to have Rexall and the Oilers on the car. (Scuttlebutt says that this donation was in the $500k range.) Below, you can see three members of the Oilers at the car unveiling, presenting driver Graham Rahal with his very own Oilers jersey.

Oh, did I mention that Graham Rahal is a CBJ’s fan? Betcha that made for a small awkward moment during this whole photo op. At least the sponsorship is going to someone who knows his ass from a hockey puck. I wish I had the link to the video, but watching the Oilers players try to squeeze their cabooses into the car for photos was comical. Hockey players are all cabooses and thighs. Racecar drivers are tall and lanky or short and toned. There’s not that much room in that cockpit.