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Bits and Pieces

July 28, 2008

– I was perusing the Sabres new variable pricing schedule and I couldn’t decide whether I was shopping for hockey tickets or jewelry shopping. Naming the ticket levels after different precious metals is slightly ingenious, as some of the gold and platinum games will set you back roughly the same amount of money as a nice piece of jewelry.

Of the games I indicated I would like as a birthday present, two are bronze games, and one is a gold game. That’s not too shabby. (NJ and Ottawa were bronze games, Philly was a gold game.)

I also think its very sneaky of the Sabres to put single game tickets on sale the same day as the open practice at the Arena that will feature the unveiling of the alternate 3rd sweaters. The arena is going to be a clusterfuck that day, what with people crowding the ticket line and people crowding the Sabres store.

– In Buffalo, we bitch and moan about not having enough hockey coverage. In Columbus, they bitch about having too much hockey coverage.

– There’s a rumor afoot that the Indy Racing League may leave ABC/ESPN at the end of this season. One of the networks allegedly interested in picking up the rights to the series – and its signature race, the Indy 500 – is Versus. After seeing how they handle hockey coverage, I’d be worried about how they would handle auto racing. How long would it take them to work in Doc’s signature DRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! call into a broadcast?

– For those of you that were engrossed in Puppy Bowl this year, there’s going to be another puppy special. The Puppy Games will air on August 8th, opposite the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. The dogs will “compete” in gymnastics, dog paddling and other events. Just looking at the puppy competitors and the countries they represent, I’m rooting for Germany (the Weimadoodle) and England (the retrievers and spaniels).