He Really Wants to Be Here…Maybe…Kinda…Yeah-ish

July 31, 2008

It sounds like Craig Rivet is finally coming around to the idea of being a Buffalo Sabre.

I’m glad that while Soupy and Mike Grier were busy trashing the Sabres organization, they took a few minutes to praise both the City of Buffalo and the people of Buffalo. I’m more shocked that Doug Gilmour (!) praised the City of Buffalo. Dougie left Buffalo on some not so good terms, if I remember correctly.

I realize that professional athletes life a different lifestyle than us fans, but why does he need a 5,000 square foot house? That size house could cause a husband, a wife and three kids to never see each other during the course of a day, as everyone probably has their own wing.

And in other news, SOTC Manor is back online after a devastating power outage last night forced us to abandon the internet. However, it was nice to sit outside and talk with our neighbors. It wasn’t so nice when we discovered a bat in our attic. He’s still there, and members of my family are taking on a bat-hunting expedition this morning. Heaven help us all.


  1. My god! A bat in the attic AND a power outage? It’s like pioneer times! How terrible! I’m glad you’re back on the grid now, and good luck getting rid of that bat!

  2. Brian Campbell said Buffalo’s a good place to raise a family? What the hell does he know about it? Well, I guess with the types of girls he supposedly dates, it’s pretty close to raising kids.

  3. Poor Craig. I’m cutting him some slack on this one only because he’s been in a complete state of shock since the trade. He was one of the true (rare) heart-and-soul guys on the Sharks, on the short list to be the next captain, so he probably figured he’d be one of the last to ever be traded. All the same, I am fucking stoked to have him in Buffalo. Sorry for the foul language, but that’s how excited I am. The Sabres need a guy like Rivet…he’s going to bring a lot to the table.

  4. […] Of The Crossbar chimed on Bucky’s article about Craig Rivet. Of course Bucky is going to be the one to write an article about a guy not wanting to be in […]

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