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The Olympic Commercial Extravaganza

August 13, 2008

In addition to the athletic performances going on at the Beijing Olympics, the business performances are gaining a fair amount of leverage. Not only is there an increased commercial presence on the broadcasts, but there’s also quite a significant commercial presence on the Olympic Green in Beijing. Many companies have set up pavilions in the area surrounding the main Olympic venues, but are kvetching that there’s significantly less foot traffic than was promised by organizers. (Rumor has it that the security is extra stringent, leading to less people being allowed in to mingle in the pavilions and shops.) But I don’t want to write about that part, I want to write about the commercials that we see during broadcasts.

In my opinion, some of the ads that have been created for the Games are outstanding. I absolutely love this Coke commercial.

The little birds are adorable, and really does a good job of highlighting the unique architechture of the main Olympic stadium.

I’m normally not a basketball fan, but there’s something about the juxtaposition of the current USA men’s basketball team and Marvin Gaye’s national anthem that really makes this commercial. This video is the long form version of the current :30 ad. I give mad props to the agency that created the Nike commercial, as its tough enough to create (and get approval on) a :30 spot, let alone a 2:30 extended version.

I hadn’t seen this ad until I tripped over it on YouTube, but Michael Phelps + his dog is always good (even if the subject matter is a little dry). I also love the name Herman for Phelps bulldog. That’s such a great name for a dog. (Me, when I get a dog, I’m naming him Edgar.)

And Phelps is not a half bad actor, either.

Moving on, and this is not related to either the Olympics, commercials or Michael Phelps, but has anyone else noticed that Tony Reali on PTI has bulked up? I noticed yesterday that his biceps were pretty huge, and then today, the t-shirt he was wearing really showed off the pecs (though he does need to be careful to not cross the border from pecs to moobs). Its a little jarring, since Reali used to be kind of scrawny.

That concludes another day of non-hockey related content here at Shots off the Crossbar.