Take Marty Out to the Ballgame

August 18, 2008

1. I’ve missed Marty’s rambling conversation style.

2. How adorable is Marty’s son?

3. The Philly Phanatic is awesome. How can you not love a mascot that lists a “slight case of body odor” as one of his attributes?

– In some non-hockey related news, imagine the ratings gold that would result from Michael Phelps taking on Chad Johnson (aka Ocho Sink-o) in a swim race? Judging by this interview, Phelps sounds like he would be game to it, and also realizes that he would get his rear handed to him if the two of them competed in a foot race.



  1. The last time I saw Martin Biron’s son Jacob, he was rambling incoherently on Buffalo TV, which was absolutely adorable. I could understand him a bit better now and he’s still just as adorable. Marty seems like a such a sweet papa.

    And that was too cute. How much do you think a Biron signed baseball is worth?

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Marty is seriously one of the cutest guys ever and showing him with his son just makes him extra adorable. I miss him so much but I’m glad he’s successful in Philly and that he still spends his summers up in Buffalo!

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