NOT What You Want to Make ESPN For

August 19, 2008

– If the good folks at Wilson Central thought the Buffalo media was putting them through the wringer, they apparently haven’t met the good folks at ESPN. The Wilson Central hazing case is featured on ESPN’s Outside the Lines page. And while the writing style of the author does make my head hurt a tad, she does do a good job of presenting how this hazing incident has divided the town.

-Continuing with the Phelpsie coverage, is he shopping at the Hipster Emporium?

That is such a Crunchy-esque hoodie, isn’t it?

– Matt Lauer and Al Roker attempt rhythmic gymnastics. I think I hurt myself laughing at this one.



  1. Crunchy definitely sent Phelps that hoodie along with an attached note that read, “You know muscle adds weight, right?”

  2. Ryan’s definitely got an eclectic sense of style, but I think that’s a little too loud for him. He seems to like more of an earthy and conservative style. Earthy crunchy goodness!!

    But I could totally see Derek Roy rocking that hoodie…

  3. bbc, now you have me thinking about that hoodie being done in rich browns and warm, earthy greens. That would make it a little bit less “look at me!” right?

  4. Haha yeah, I bet he’d be more drawn to the hoodie if it were in those colors. Lookin mad earthy boo. As much as he wants to deny it, we all know that he’s a big hippy underneath it all. 😉

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