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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

August 20, 2008

– I’ll let you come up with some of them after you review this photo of Jay McKee at a Carly’s Club fundraising event.

And I don’t know if those are the respective Mrs. Jay and Mrs. Baby Joe, so please don’t ask. (For the record, Baby Joe’s political site doesn’t have any mention of a Mrs. – which, hello, political site, family should be all over that thing).

– Its good to hear that Trent Edwards’ “deep thigh contusion” isn’t serious. I just find it funny that injury reports list a player as day-to-day. By definition, every human being is day-to-day. There has to be a better descriptor out there for the injury report, right?

– I realized today that Gossip Girl starts back up on 9/1. And the new 90210 starts the same day. Whoo! Real TV again!