A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

August 20, 2008

– I’ll let you come up with some of them after you review this photo of Jay McKee at a Carly’s Club fundraising event.

And I don’t know if those are the respective Mrs. Jay and Mrs. Baby Joe, so please don’t ask. (For the record, Baby Joe’s political site doesn’t have any mention of a Mrs. – which, hello, political site, family should be all over that thing).

– Its good to hear that Trent Edwards’ “deep thigh contusion” isn’t serious. I just find it funny that injury reports list a player as day-to-day. By definition, every human being is day-to-day. There has to be a better descriptor out there for the injury report, right?

– I realized today that Gossip Girl starts back up on 9/1. And the new 90210 starts the same day. Whoo! Real TV again!


  1. Jay’s looking very Jesus-y with that hair, facial hair, and billowy white shirt.

  2. Me likey Jay McKee in that picture!

  3. Dayum. I gotta say, I’m a sucker for guys that look hippy-ish or…as you all like to say, crunchy haha. Lookin’ good, Jay!

  4. I was at that fundraiser, and when Jay walked in, I pointed him out to my hubby (who wouldn’t know a Sabre or Bill if he stepped on them), and then noticed how long his hair was. I said to the hubby, “Maybe his contract doesn’t let him cut his hair during the summer.” Hubby answered, “Or maybe he’s just lazy.” Anyway, that is his wife, but as far as I could see, Baby Joe was stag that night.

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